Why does Sweden suffer from such a high level of rape?

Sweden has a staggeringly high number of rapes every year. In 2016, there was 6,715 rapes in the nation, equivalent to 69 rapes per 100,000 of the population. Sweden holds the dubious title of the rape capital of the western world and is only second on the list in the entire world after Lesotho in Southern Africa. Many reasons have been stated for this phenomenally high figure. The matter does indeed to have become somewhat politicised not dissimilar to the matter of immigration and crime in the US for example. In this article I am only going to be presenting the facts as I try to decipher why Sweden is suffering from such a high level of rape.

Sweden does have a unique way in which it records rape statistics as opposed to other European nations for example. It is undeniable that the numbers of rape in Sweden far surpass other European nations. The rate of rape is three times higher than 35 other European nations according to a study that was undertaken in 1996. The way in which Sweden records rapes does have some impact on this however.

In Sweden, if a woman claims she is raped by her husband every day for a month, that would be registered as 30 counts of rape, where other nations might only record it as one instance. Also in recent years there has been revisions to the definition of rape in Sweden. Where rape was once classified as intercourse only, other sexual offences are now listed as a form of rape. This can account for some of the disparity in numbers of rapes when it comes to comparing Sweden to other nations. This is often noted by Swedish authorities as the main reason for the large numbers of rapes, but this is not entirely factual.

The biggest bone of contention when it comes to the numbers of rapes in Sweden has been the issue of rape and immigration, especially from Middle Eastern nations. What I am going to present to you in the form of data and statistics will go some way to proving that migration has played a significant role in contributing to the number of rapes inside of Sweden. Here are the facts:

-Sweden does not list the ethnicity of those convicted of rape

-In 2015, rape in Sweden declined 12 percent from the previous year to 5918 recorded offences

-Between 2015-2016, 191,240 migrants from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa entered the nation during the migrant crisis

-Immediately following this, rape in the following year rose again by 13 percent to 6,715 cases

-According to the Swedish Crime Survey (SCS) 50 percent of rapes are committed in a public place and the perpetrators are unknown to the victims in 63 percent of the cases, suggesting that relationship rape is not the driving force behind Swedish rape figures

-Since 2008, there has been a 5 percent population rise in Sweden due to migration. 481,005 people entered the country during this time

-In 2013, Forskning & Framsteg (Research & Progress) science magazine published a report which said that the increase in group rape in particular began in the 2000’s.

-In the 1990’s, Forskning & Framsteg (Research & Progress) found that 39 percent of rapes committed by three or more perpetrators (group rape) was committed by people described as foreign born. The figures of the perpetrators ethnicity are not known after 2006.

-In the Swedish newspaper Friatider, a story was run last year in which it reported that data had been secretly sent to the nationalist “Nordfront” group. Together with the website “Gang Rape Sweden” the figures were published which revealed that 82 percent of those convicted of gang rape were foreign born, between the years of 2004-2014. If these figures can be substantiated, this would suggest that the numbers of foreign born gang rapists more than doubled, coinciding with the huge 5 percent demographic change beginning in 2008

There have been many high-profile cases of rapes committed by migrants in recent years, here are some that I could find:

-Woman is gang raped by three migrants in Upsala, Sweden. The brutal crime was livestreamed on Facebook. Two Afghan’s were arrested

-A wheelchair bound woman was gang-raped by 6 migrant men after asking to use the toilet in a Swedish asylum centre back in 2016 in the medieval town of Visby

-Afghan migrant Ali Bahmani raped a mentally-ill 15-year-old girl on a Stockholm psych ward. It was found that Bahmani lied about his age, claiming he was 16 when dental tests revealed he was in fact at least 19 years old

-Swedish music festivals Bravalla and Putte i Parken were hit by numerous rapes which were perpetrated by gangs of migrant men. 5 recorded rapes and 12 sexual assaults took place at Bravalla while 35 sexual assaults were recorded at Putte I Parken, the youngest victim of the attacks was 12-years-old

-In August 2016, a woman was gang-raped by up to 20 migrant men in a stairwell in Fittja, a suburb of Stockholm. It has been reported that the woman, who was savagely beaten in the attack was denied help by the residents of the largely Muslim area

Cases such as these shock the conscience of any human being who possesses a soul. It has been claimed by some on the left that cases such as these are being used by the far-right in order to demonize all migrants. While it is true that of course not all migrants from the Middle East will commit such heinous crimes, it is clear to see from the correlating data that the influx of migrants from an area of the world which has entirely different attitudes towards the treatment of women is having an impact on the levels of rape inside Sweden.

While it does have to be taken into account that the recording practices of Swedish authorities does contribute to the staggeringly high number, there is enough correlating data to provide evidence that migration has contributed to this, even if the Swedish authorities attempt to cover it up.

The Swedish rape phenomenon is something that is increasingly difficult to find substantive facts around due to the reluctance of Swedish authorities to provide such data, but from my own research I can safely draw the conclusion that while migration cannot be held accountable for every single case of rape inside of Sweden, just observing simple demographical changes it is clear to see that it has played a huge part in awarding Sweden the crown of the rape capital of the western world.

Picture from invexnews.com

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