Whiteness classes: The anti-white racism being taught inside of our universities

Over the last few years, it has come to the attention of some within the mainstream sphere there is a huge problem raging inside of universities, particularly in the US. Incidences of anti-white racism have become ever more common on university campuses.

Debacles such as the Brett Weinstein saga which saw a self-professed liberal professor exiled from his university at Evergreen State, Washington when he voiced his oppositions to a proposed “day of absence” in which white students were forcefully “encouraged” to vacate the campus for a day have received some mainstream coverage.

Brett Weinstein appeared on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News to tell his story and some outlets have since touched on the topic of the current state of universities. Professors such as Jordan B Peterson from Canada has also appeared on mainstream outlets speaking of the far-left ideologues that are imposing speech codes such as gender-neutral pro-nouns to the great detriment of freedom of speech.

It has been an open secret for many years that universities and academia in general are dominated by left-leaning voices. In recent years a culture of trigger warnings, safe spaces and the de-platforming of dissenting voices to the leftist orthodoxy has seemingly consumed campus life. Policies of segregation based around race and gender such as was visible in the Brett Weinstein saga appear to have become the rule rather than the exception. For me, the most troubling, and least explored in the mainstream domain is that of the anti-white sentiment that has permeated into the university environment. No more is this visible than inside of a “whiteness” class.

Whiteness studies began as an interdisciplinary school of thought in the late 20th century in universities in the United States. The stated aim of whiteness studies is to analyse the cultural, historical and social aspects of people who identify as white and the study of the “social construction” of the ideology of whiteness. Postmodernist theory is widely believed to have influenced this academic field, although there are writers such as W. E. B. Du Bois who have spoke of “whiteness” since the late 1800’s.

Postmodernist theory, which essentially challenges the notions of absolute truth, reason and objective reality was pioneered by philosophers such as Michel Foucault who was highly critical of the enlightenment beliefs of freedom, liberation and self-determination. Foucault believed that these pillars of western civilization fostered cultural hegemony, exclusion and even violence.

The whole concept of classes based around race are not just limited to whiteness, there are many universities which teach African-American studies for example, but where the theme of African-American classes adopt a more positive outlook, whiteness classes are exclusively focused on the negative aspects of white history and culture.

Academic fields such as critical race theory overlap greatly with the study of whiteness. Critical whiteness studies seeks to display the systems of “racial power” by citing spurious concepts such as “white privilege” and how identifying with your whiteness maintains the oppressive social order, often described as the “white supremacist system or patriarchy” in feminist studies.

Some of the proponents of the theory stated in a series of articles called “Race Traitor”  that “counterfeit whites” in other words white people who reject the notions of western civilization will be able to challenge the capitalist order so “social justice” can be implemented. Social justice has been translated in many of these studies as reparations to black people and other minorities for the past ills such as slavery and colonialism. I have covered social justice before and explained how tyrannical the concept of social justice is, I will leave a link in the article below.

So what do these classes in essence teach, and what effects do they have on the rise in anti-white sentiment we are seeing? Well the second one is pretty obvious, these classes teach their pupils that the whole concept of “whiteness” is fundamentally evil and anyone who is not an “ally” to the cause of minority groups are the enemy, so racial discrimination is fair game.

A “white ally” as they have come to be known is expected to essentially shut up for a person of colour or other marginalized group and relinquish their platform. During the latest women’s marches earlier this year, a woman was pictured holding a sign which said “F*ck white feminists.” The ironic and telling part of this is that the woman who was holding the sign was white. In order to rid yourself of your whiteness, you are expected to self-flagellate yourself.

I always remember after the terrible events of Charlottesville, a friend of Heather Heyer who was killed in the disturbances gave an interview to a news outlet and said that Heather Heyer was marching because she felt “so guilty for being white.” I could remember thinking how incredibly ghoulish this person was. While this woman was lying dead the only thing her “friend” could focus on was her guilt of the crime of whiteness.

When people are being led to believe that the colour of someone’s skin is basically an original sin, it is easy to see how a climate of hatred towards people who are white can fester. The most disturbing aspect of this whole phenomenon is the symmetrical comparisons that can be made to certain parts of our history. During the rise of the Nazi’s the Jews were blamed for being behind all of the problems being faced by German society. This type of attitude left unchallenged has resulted in some of the worst genocides in human history. The parallels between those attitudes and what we are seeing today are very easy to draw.

It is not uncommon for people to say that white people should in effect just die. The strange thing about it, is that many of the people who say these things happen to be white as well, going back to the practice of self-flagellation. Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of politics at Drexel University in Philadelphia tweeted out on Christmas Eve 2016 that “All I want for Christmas is a white genocide.”

Following the shooting of Republican Steve Scalise by a left-wing fanatic last year, a professor at Trinity College Johnny Eric Williams wrote on Facebook after the shooting: “It is time for racially oppressed people to do what people who describe themselves as “white” will not do, put end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and white supremacist system. #LetThemF*ckingDie.”

This disturbing belief seems to becoming the rule rather than the exception. It has become all too common for people to view white people not as individuals, but rather a collective community that bares the responsibility of past wrongs, even though many white people have no connection to past events such as slavery and colonialism. When people are being dehumanized like this, it is easy to see why such attitudes are running rampant.

So that takes me to the final question. What are these people being taught? That is a surprisingly easy question to answer when you observe this for long enough. These people are being taught to reject the notions of freedom that we base our western societies upon. The message contained within classes such as whiteness and social justice classes is that the entire notion of western civilization is tainted and evil and should be pulled down in favour of a socialist/communist system which distributes social justice based on a persons connection to a group rather than their individual merit or culpability.

These students are being manipulated by their professors in order to fulfil their own morally bankrupt ambitions to tear down the rich or are perpetuating their own indoctrination onto their students in order to realize their dream of a socialist “utopia.” Many of today’s SJW activists we see spewing out these same robotic talking points have truly become the useful idiots that used to exist in the Soviet Union. But as well as the students, the professors who espouse this dogmatic rhetoric are also useful pawns in a game that many of them have failed to comprehend.

I always ask myself why such people who claim to be educated fail to see why people such as George Soros are so keen to back this philosophy to the tune of billions of dollars of their own money, it is not because of sympathy or ethics let me tell you. The system that these professors are advocating for is the quickest way to create an oligarchy within society, benefiting the richest as has always been the case throughout history.

People such as George Soros would stand to benefit the most from a socialist system because while they controlled all the wealth, as we have seen repeated throughout history the poor would remain poorer, giving these people absolute power. The system that these university professors would like to see replace western governance would make people such as Soros the de-facto kings of society. I will write a detailed article on this at a later date.

So, concluding this article, I implore parents who are planning on sending their children to university in the near future to do more research on what their son or daughter could be potentially being taught inside of these institutions. This rhetoric which is inculcating impressionable young minds into this cult-like following is incredibly dangerous. Universities and colleges are establishments that we entrust a major part of our children’s development to. When we are sending our children to these establishments to the tune of thousands of pounds or dollars, we expect the people we entrust to prepare them for the working world to be responsible and competent.

While there are still many good professors in the academia, the areas of the social sciences especially seem to have been infiltrated by poisonous ideologues who are intent on poisoning our children’s minds in order to see their vision of society implemented. These classes have nothing to do with learning and discovery, they are simply brainwashing factories that thrive on hatred and division. My advice to any parents who are thinking of enrolling their children in a social science class, save the tuition, because these ideologues will only learn when they get hit where it hurts the most. The pocket.

Picture from johnvest.com

Social Justice is socially unjust


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