Man is stabbed by “moped muggers” in Oxford St, London

A young man was stabbed while apparently fending off a gang of “moped muggers” in one of the world’s most famous and busiest shopping streets. Police were called to reports of the incident on Oxford Street at about 21:30 last night (Sunday.) Upon arrival officers found a man in his 20’s suffering from a stab wound.

It was claimed by witnesses that the man was fighting with a group of people who tried to steal his mobile phone, before the muggers fled leaving the man falling to the floor and clutching his chest from a stab wound. The victim was taken to a central London hospital following the incident, it is not believed that his injuries are life-threatening.

This latest stabbing comes after a violent weekend which saw 3 people stabbed to death in the capital. In Tottenham, 22-year-old youth worker Kwabena Nelson was stabbed to death just yards from his home after being “ambushed” while parking his car in the early hours of Saturday morning. Two other people were also stabbed to death in the capital. 39-year-old Juan Olmos Saca died in hospital after being stabbed in Peckham, South London and a 19-year-old teenager was killed after being stabbed in Barking, East London.

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