Israeli stabbed to death in West Bank “terrorist attack”

An Israeli man has been stabbed to death outside a Jewish settlement in the West Bank in what authorities are calling a “terrorist attack.” The man who is believed to be in his 30’s or 40’s was attacked at a bus stop in outside Ariel this afternoon (Monday.) Israeli police are hunting for a suspect who has been described as a Palestinian man.

Since late 2015 there has been a number of attacks on Israelis in the form of shootings, stabbings and car-attacks which have been perpetrated by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs. At least 52 Israeli’s and five foreign nationals and 300 Palestinians, mainly assailants have been killed since the uptick in violence. Earlier this month, Rabbi Raziel Shevach was shot dead by a suspected Palestinian gunman as he drove near his home in Havat Gilad on 9 January. The suspect is still on the loose.

According to the Jerusalem Post, during this latest attack the perpetrator arrived on foot and attacked the victim. An IDF soldier saw the attack taking place and attempted to apprehend the suspect, hitting him with his car in the process, but the man managed to escape. The victim has been named in the Jerusalem Post as Itamar Ben Gal from the Hal Bracha settlement. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of the Lukid faction meeting: “We will bring them to justice,” referring to the perpetrator. IDF soldiers are now searching the area for the suspect.

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