Man goes on drive-by shooting spree “targeting migrants” in Italian town

A man has been arrested after apparently going on a drive-by shooting spree, targeting African migrants in an Italian town. The shootings took place in the central city of Macerata. At least 6 migrants were shot with at least one of those believed to be in a serious condition in hospital. Police have arrested a man named by authorities as Luca Traini. Luca Traini is believed to have stood as a candidate for the right leaning Northern League party in local elections last year.

The city of Macerata was the scene of a gruesome murder of a 18-year-old Italian woman last week who was killed and dismembered at the hands of a Nigerian migrant. Her body was discovered hidden in two suitcases last Wednesday. Italy has become one of the destinations for migrants travelling to Europe during the European migrant crisis which began back in 2015. Since the crisis begun, over 205,000 migrants from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa have settled in the country and over 600,000 have arrived in the country by boat over the last 4 years.

Luca Traini’s motives are not immediately clear, but it has been reported that when he was arrested he was wearing an Italian flag around him, leading some to believe that he was inspired by anti-foreigner sentiment which has been a key theme of the ongoing Italian electoral campaign. During his spree, Traini drove around the city for over two hours, shooting migrants in apparently indiscriminate attacks. The attacks begun at around 11am local time after two migrants were shot at, injuring one of them. Shortly after, another migrant and an African woman was shot. The shooting spree came to an end after the man was apprehended in the towns Victory Square. He is believed to have admitted to the attacks.

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