Eight migrants shot and stabbed in Calais gang fight

Eight migrants have been shot in a large gang fight in Calais involving Eritrean and Afghan migrants. Four of the migrants were shot during the fight and were rushed to hospital in a “critical condition.” Four others were seriously injured after being attacked with weapons including clubs and knives during the fight.

According to the Daily Mail the brawl lasted up to two hours and is the latest in a series of violent incidents involving migrants in the area in the last few weeks. One of the men was believed to have been shot in the head during the incident. Some of the injured men were rushed to a hospital in Lille while the others were taken to a Calais hospital.

The “riot” is believed to have begun after a food handout turned violent and was believed to have involved up to 200 people. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb today said he would travel to Calais to review the situation following what he called the “serious incidents”.  He tweeted in relation to the violence: “After the serious incidents that have occurred today, I am going to Calais tonight for a situation with the prefect, the mayor of the city and the local actors. ”

Calais has become a hub for migrants who are seeking to gain entry to the UK. Recently Theresa May pledged to offer £44.5million to help boost security in the area. During a recent visit to the UK, Theresa May told French President Emmanuel Macron that the UK would take in more migrants from the area.

In recent days, other violent incidents have taken place in the area. A 16-year-old boy lost an eye after clashing with riot police. More than 100 migrants and 50 riot officers clashed which culminated in the boy losing an eye. It is estimated that anywhere from 600-800 migrants remain in the area who are determined to reach the United Kingdom.

Picture from ibtimes.co.uk

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