Actor Robert Wagner named as “person of interest” in death of Natalie Wood in 1981

Actor Robert Wagner has been named as a “person of interest” by Los Angeles detectives who have re-opened the case into the death of his wife back in 1981. Investigators have said that Wagner has “constantly changed his story” in relation to the mysterious death of his wife, the actress Natalie Wood. Natalie Wood was found drowned during a boating trip in California with her husband Wagner and the actor Christopher Walken.

The death of Natalie Wood, who was found floating in the water off of Santa Catalina island on November 29th 1981 was initially ruled as an accident by coroners. Natalie Wood was known for roles in “Miracle on 34th Street” and “West Side Story.” According to Fox News, the death is now being treated as “suspicious” after a new witness has come forward who said that they heard arguing coming from the back of the yacht The Splendour and “yelling and crashing” was heard from Wood and Wagner’s stateroom.

The death has allegedly been re-investigated since 2011 but Robert Wagner, who is now 87 years old has refused to speak to investigators over the death. Two weeks after the death of Natalie Wood it was ruled by coroners that the cause was “accidental drowning.” But from that date conspiracies have run rampant over the death. The initial autopsy report over the death of Natalie Wood noted that there was fresh bruises on her face, leading some to believe that she had been a victim of an assault.

Robert Wagner, who starred in television shows and movies such as “Hart to Hart,” “It takes a thief” and “Austin Powers” first married Natalie Wood when she was 19-years-old back in 1957. They separated four years later in 1961 only to remarry again in 1972. They had one child together, Courtney Wagner who was born in 1974.

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