Canada votes to have a “gender-neutral” national anthem

A bill has been passed in the Canadian Senate to change the text of the national anthem to make it “gender-neutral.” The bill now awaits royal assent by the governor general before it becomes law. The line that is to be changed in the anthem is “in all thy sons command.” The word sons will be replaced with “all of us” in the song “O Canada.” The issue of “gender-neutral speech” has been a topic much public debate in Canada recently.

Canada passed a controversial law known as Canadian Law C16 on May 17th, 2016. The law which is an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code is designed to “protect individuals from discrimination as a consequence of their gender identity or gender expression.”

Fears have been raised that the law will have a grave impact on freedom of speech, as legislation now compels people to use an individuals “preferred gender-neutral pronouns.” Freedom of speech activists have said that any law that compels people to use certain language under the threat of legal sanctions is a serious infringement on the right to free speech.

Outspoken critics of the bill such as Professor Jordan B Peterson has said he would refuse to use gender-neutral pronouns under duress as it is a serious impingement on his freedom of speech. Jordan Peterson has spoke about the dangers of over-zealous  neo-Marxists and post-modernist ideologues who are behind these moves. Jordan B Peterson has won much acclaim amongst freedom of speech activists for his defiant stance.

In my own personal opinion, a move such as this to change the national anthem sets a dangerous precedent. Neo-Marxists and post-modernists who hide under the guise of tolerance and social justice have a distinct hatred for western traditions and culture. A move to change one of the most fundamental symbols of a nation by the left-wing Trudeau government only leaves me more convinced that if this ideology remains unchallenged, before we know it everything that we hold dear will be swept away within a generation under the illusion of progression.

While the rabid advocates of these causes claim that they are moving the world forward by protecting the rights of minorities, we are slowly going back to a period where free expression, speech and thought are replaced by a rigid orthodoxy. If you take the cases in America of the removal of Confederate statues such as Robert E Lee, we see too often that the line does not stop there. There have been calls from progressives for the removal of statues of historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin. The California NAACP said last year that even the national anthem of America should be changed because it is “racist.”

I really hate to go down the path of paranoia and conspiracy theories when I hear stories like this but I cannot help but make the connection between moves such as the changing of a national anthem and what we used to see in Communist states such as the USSR. It was commonplace for the regime of Stalin to “erase” people from history by removing all records of that person ever existing. One thing that history tells us is that it is easier to subvert a people if you can remove the traditions and cultures they live by. Maybe I am being a little bit paranoid when it comes to this particular story, but one thing we should all remember as we see these Marxists try to displace the very culture we live by: If you make a man forget his past, you can make him forget himself.

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