Everybody wants to solve the issue of homelessness. But Mr Corbyn, you can’t seize other people’s homes to do it

Rough sleeping has certainly become a big issue on our streets in recent years. In 2016, figures showed that 4,134 people slept rough on the streets of the UK that year. This signalled an increase of 16 percent on the previous year. The area of the UK with the largest number of rough sleepers in unsurprisingly London, which saw 960 people sleep rough. I can attest to this myself, walking around the city over the last couple of years the increase in the number of rough sleepers is noticeable.

In all honesty, the Tories record in this area has not been great. Changes to the benefit system have seen people lose their housing benefit and end up on the streets. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Growing up, many of my friends were kicked out of their houses by their parents and have sadly slept rough on more than one occasion before the council could help them. In recent years due to multiple factors such as immigration numbers and changes to the law by the Conservative government, younger people, especially younger single men have found it more difficult to get social housing. This has contributed to the number of rough sleepers on Britain’s streets and is an inescapable fact when looking over the Conservative’s record when it comes to homelessness.

I am not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. I detest socialism as I believe that anyone with half a brain can see that socialist systems have been abject failures wherever they have been implemented. His stance when it comes to issues such as anti-Semitism and grooming gangs are duplicitous at best, and at worst downright reprehensible. With that being said, there is a small portion of socialism I, as with most of the UK can tolerate.

The NHS, which was founded by Clement Atlee following the war is probably one of the only successful socialist policies this country has ever seen. Combined with the welfare state, regardless of the abuses and problems it has encountered over the years, these two policies do provide a safety net for many citizens of this country. When it comes to the issue of the welfare state, the Tories have conceded ground to Labour electorally when it comes to this issue. The failed social care policies in the 2017 election manifesto which was dubbed the “dementia tax” alienated a core of elderly voters during that electoral cycle. Changes to disability benefits have also seen voters drift to Labour over the issue of the welfare state.

So, today when I heard a passing line about Jeremy Corbyn wanting to help the homeless if he wins power, I promise I wasn’t quick to judge. Even though I detest what he stands for and I wouldn’t vote for him in a million years, I did not leap to conclusions and was interested in what his proposal was because I do feel strongly about this issue myself. When I looked into Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals, they were nothing short of disturbing and have left me more convinced than ever that this man is a Marxist totalitarian in waiting and is highly dangerous to the future prosperity and freedom of this country.

Jeremy Corbyn proposed today on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that his solution to solving the issue of homelessness was to seize homes which had been brought by private investors and left empty. The proposal consisted of two main facets: The Labour government would buy up empty homes for roughly 8,000 people to live in. But most disturbingly the second aspect of his plan was to force landlords to hand over their homes if they were not lived in, for example if they had a flat as an investment or if they were renting it out.

After the terrible Grenfell Tower fire which killed 71 people in June of last year, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell suggested that homes owned by wealthy investors in the borough should be seized in order to house the victims that were left displaced by the tragedy. When I heard this I was particularly disturbed. While I could forgive and even understand poor people who had been affected by this tragedy saying such a thing, I could not help but be very concerned that the opposition party of the UK was proposing such a thing.

Now that Jeremy Corbyn has proposed such a thing a second time, and most notably during a time when there is not a major national disaster ongoing, this should show the position Corbyn adopts when it comes to this issue. Jeremy Corbyn would have no problem seizing the homes and assets of rich people in this country. Jeremy Corbyn cares nothing for property rights which underpin the whole economy which make him a serious danger to the long-term prosperity of Britain.

In Venezuela for example, the nation was ranked one of the lowest countries in 2013 by the International Finance Corporation when it came to protecting investments. This evaluation coincided with the worsening economic situation in the country as food and medical supplies began to run ever shorter. In 2014, The Heritage Foundation ranked Venezuela 175th out of 178 countries in economic freedom for 2014, classifying it as a “repressed” economy.

We all know what followed, by 2016, Venezuela was facing a complete economic collapse. This is what happens when the investments of multi-nationals are not protected, they flee for their lives. If Jeremy Corbyn undertook a policy such as this, companies and private investors would think more than twice about investing in the UK, because we all know his views on nationalization and I’m sure they do too.

There is also another arguably more concerning dimension to this proposal. The notion of freedom. Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to force landlords to hand over their property is something that would sound right home in Stalinist Russia. Answer me this someone please, what about if a property owner refused to hand over his or her property? When you say you would force them to hand over their property would force be used on these people? The thought of such a man being in control of this country gives me nightmares.

I don’t own properties, I would not be considered rich by any stretch of the imagination, but if a government starts to violate the rights of people, where does that line end. Would it start with the rich and move on to the middle class? There are places in the world where these sort of tactics have been used in the past. They are called communist dictatorships. The USSR, China and Cuba have all been involved in land grabs during their tainted pasts. The ideology of Corbyn is not just a utopian dream of a social democratic fantasy land such as in Scandinavian countries. Corbyn’s philosophies would be very much at home in Leninist or Stalinist Russia.

All good hearted people want to help the homeless in society, and I do genuinely believe that some of the Tories policies have been harmful to some of the poorest in society. But Jeremy Corbyn is certainly not the answer to remedy that. This man is highly dangerous and I really hope that people are not fooled by this Marxist totalitarian in waiting.

Picture from inews.co.uk

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