Social Justice is socially unjust

Progressive politics, or one of its major symptoms social justice seems to be permeating into every aspect of public life these days. Whenever I watch the BBC, a piece which is laden with notions of social justice seems to be part of every other segment. From gender pay gaps to diversity quotas (something which is now actively employed by the BBC) the theme of social justice pops up quite frequently. To the untrained eye of the normie, this is just more of the same “political correctness gone mad” stuff. It actually runs much deeper than that. Social justice is an ideology which is being pushed by post-modernists and neo-Marxists to the huge detriment of society.

To understand how the ideology of social justice is so damaging to society, I first need to explain what social justice is. Social justice is a form of governance which is firmly rooted in Marxist schools of thought. The concept of social justice focuses on the groups that are perceived to be disadvantaged in society. Social justice as a theory or philosophy has been around for some time, philosophers such as Thomas Paine have been accredited with outlining some of the tenets of this school of thought. Since then, and especially today in the modern sphere, social justice focuses on the rights of groups such as “people of colour and minorities, the LGBT community and feminists.” The modern philosophy of social justice aims to “re-distribute the wealth and opportunities” which have largely been perceived to be controlled by a “patriarchy or white male dominated system” based on the persons group status.

The aim of social justice is to create a system which does not function according to merit and individual achievement, but rather one that awards groups in society according to their placement on the “oppression ladder.” There are different scales on which a person from a group is designated oppression status. For example, a black man is oppressed but not as oppressed as a black woman, while a white gay man is considered to be somewhat oppressed, a gay Hispanic man would rank higher on the oppression scale. This is described as intersectionality.  Groups which are considered to be oppressed by social justice logic fall into different sections and spectrums in this game of oppression Olympics. The one group which is perceived to be the enemy of the social justice warrior as they have come to be known is that of the straight white male.

Advocates of social justice say that the aim of the philosophy is to create a society which is more egalitarian in nature, where equal opportunities are provided to members of society which have been historically oppressed and marginalized. The huge problem with social justice is that it has the opposite effect of creating a just and fair society but creates one which is governed according to discrimination. Under the guise of social justice, some of the most bigoted attitudes that has been witnessed for the last 50 years have become ever more prevalent in society.

Programs such as affirmative action have seen people with better qualifications be overlooked for roles simply because they do not have the right skin colour. Universities and colleges in the United States especially have seen a rise in bigotry towards the perceived enemy of social justice, white males. In some universities such as Evergreen State College which was the scene of the notorious Brett Weinstein incident, white people have been banned from campus in what is termed as “days of absence.” Segregation of people according to their race, gender or sexuality have become commonplace in universities. The first instances of this taking place began with the whole “safe space” culture, but have now been extended to the point that some universities have been advocating for dorms which are segregated along the lines of race and gender.

Companies such as the BBC in the UK have now employed “diversity quotas” where white people have become ineligible for a growing number of jobs. In many universities in the United States, social justice classes are now regularly teaching classes which are focused around the concept of “whiteness,” whatever that means. This in effect is a class in which a social justice advocate spends a period decrying white people and saying what a detrimental effect “whiteness” has had on the human race. If there was a class about “blackness” which spun the term in such a negative light, imagine how the black students in that class would feel. Social justice is one of the most bigoted philosophies that has been witnessed in western societies for the last 50 years.

This philosophy which has permeated into many areas of public life is taking society back to a time where the character and merit of an individual is no longer relevant, but the colour of their skin or their standing in society determines whether they will get ahead in society. The rights of the individual are no longer sacrosanct, but the preference of the group is now paramount. People who fall under the social justice blanket, such as black people who disagree with social justice philosophies are often outed by the in-group. Such examples of this are black people who are derided as “uncle toms” by other black people because they might adhere to a conservative viewpoint. People who are often victims of such attacks and frankly racist smears are people such as Stacy Dash and Larry Elder.

The things I have described are the major symptoms many of us are witnessing now due to social justice, but it only stands to get worse as these groups exert an ever-growing influence over society. Online hate mobs who attack companies and individuals are seeking to change the way society is governed, and sadly it is all too common to see these individuals and companies cave to the pressure of the over-zealous social justice warriors in order to avoid a PR disaster in the leftist controlled media. If more of us do not stand up to this putrid and hateful rhetoric, the fundamental premise of our societies which were founded on individual achievement and individual rights will erode under the weight of the outrage mobs.

We may laugh at times when we see these batsh*it crazy SJW’s such as Big Red and Trigglypuff, but the ideology which these people have been inculcated into is no laughing matter. This ideology is already having a detrimental effect on people within our society. All of us who believe in merit, individualism and achievement need to fight this cancer and expose it for what it is. A hateful and divisive dogma which has been perfected by bitter neo-Marxists and post-modernists who wish to see the wonder of western civilization fall to its knees. In the last 50 years, society has made great strides in righting the wrongs of our own past. These post-modernist ideologues wish to capitalise on that in order to destroy what we stand for, and social justice is just one of the tools they use. When these SJW’s try to shame you into adopting their position, just remember these words: You are not a person who stands for justice, you may call me a fascist, but what you stand for is the most fascistic ideology imaginable. While you call for your brand of justice, you are in tandem turning society into a place which people like Martin Luther King fought to erode. Look in the mirror and ask yourself who the bigot is, because if I don’t stand for social justice, it is certainly not me.

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