Sadiq Khan is not fit to be mayor of this great city

When Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London back in 2016, I personally didn’t pay it much mind. I must be honest I have only had my political awakening recently, and even as recently as 2016, I wasn’t really bothered about who the mayor of my city was. With that being said, I didn’t have any strong opposition to him. I didn’t know much about him at the time and held no firm views regarding his fitness to hold this office. Since I have become more engaged in politics, Sadiq Khan is somebody who has crossed my mind a few times. As I have discovered more about this man, it is becoming evident to me that Sadiq Khan is not fit to be mayor of this great city.

Sadiq Khan hails from Tooting in South London. I remember vaguely during his campaign to be mayor the line “the son of a bus driver from a working class background” being mentioned. By all outward appearances, Sadiq Khan’s story is one of success. He grew up in a 3-bedroom council flat on the Henry Prince Estate in Earlsfield, went on to study law at the London Metropolitan University and then entered politics in 2005. If you look at Sadiq Khan’s Wikipedia page, there is nothing but glowing praise for the London Mayor, but doing some further digging on some of his past comments and associations, a troubling picture does begin to emerge.

Sadiq Khan has made some disturbing comments which give an insight in to where he stands when it comes to the matter of Islamist extremism. Sadiq Khan, who is himself a Muslim once said back in 2009 when it came to speaking to Muslim groups: “You can’t just pick and choose who you want to speak to, you can’t just speak to the uncle toms.” This phrase was used when Sadiq Khan was amazingly the Communities Minister and he was using it in reference to a discussion about how to tackle extremism.

If I was making a psychological evaluation of what Khan meant by these comments in this context, I would have to conclude that Khan perceives those groups who are moderate to not be “genuine Muslims,” but rather ones who seek to conform to British life. Recently Sadiq Kahn said that Donald Trump’s rhetoric was similar to that used by ISIS. Who else have we heard say that other Muslims are not practicing a true form of Islam? Oh, that’s right ISIS! This is just the first in a long line of troubling incidents involving Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan has been associated with some very unsavoury characters in the past. One of these characters was none other than Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Sadiq Khan, who was a lawyer at the time represented Louis Farrakhan when he was denied a visa to enter the UK back in 2001. Louis Farrakhan is a truly racist individual who has described white people as “devils” and “monkeys” and has a well known hatred of Jews. The irony and blatant hypocrisy of this is staggering. Recently when Donald Trump announced that he would not be visiting London, Sadiq Kahn said in response that Donald Trump did not represent London’s “tolerance and diversity.” Sorry Mr Khan, and Louis Farrakhan does?

Sadiq Khan has not only had links to extremists during the course of his working life, but also has familial connections to known extremists. Sadiq Khan’s brother-in-law Makbool Javaid took part in marches with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun back in the 1990’s. The group Al-Muhajiroun has been associated with many extremist figures such as Anjem Chourdary, the killers of Lee Rigby Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale and one of the London Bridge attackers, Khuram Shazad Butt. Makbool Javaid, who was a lawyer was married to Sadiq Khan’s sister Farhat since 1989 until 2011. Although I don’t wish to make someone guilty by association, it does go someway to showing the people in Khan’s life and why he might think the way he does when it comes to “moderate Muslims.”

Okay, so I don’t want to make someone guilty by association, none of us should be punished for who our family is. Maybe Khan would never stand alongside someone such as his brother-in-law who holds such views. It turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sadiq Khan has shared platforms with known extremists in the past. Sadiq Khan was on the panel of the “Friends of Al-Aqsa in conjunction with the Tooting Islamic centre” event back in 2004. Sadiq Kahn was listed as being the Labour parliamentary candidate for Tooting, although he insisted that he only attended the event as a “human rights lawyer.”

Also on the bill for the event was Daud Abdullah, a man who organized a boycott of the Holocaust Memorial Day in 2005 while he was the General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain. Another one of the speakers was Ibrahim Hewitt who once said homosexuality was a “great sin” and that adulterers should be stoned to death. Along with this colourful cast of characters was Dr Azzam Tamimi, who attended the protests of the Danish cartoons which depicted the Prophet Muhammed back in 2006. During the march Dr Tamimi said that “fire would be brought throughout the world” in retaliation to the cartoons. Most telling of all, one of the other speakers on the bill for the event was Jeremy Corbyn, who was at the time a backbench MP.

Sadiq Kahn’s past is deeply troubling, but even more concerning is his record during his time as mayor. London has seen crime rise substantially during his time in office. Last year in the capital 25 teenagers were murdered on the streets of the capital, the highest number since 2008. Gun crime, knife crime and robbery have all seen dramatic rises during his time in City Hall. Even more concerning is the 78 percent rise in acid attacks which was recorded in the capital last year, giving London the dubious title of “acid attack capital of the world” during Khan’s time in office.

Last year, London was hit hard by a wave of Islamist terror attacks which saw 13 people killed on the streets of the capital along with countless others seriously injured. Other attacks were averted such as the Parsons Green bombing and the attempted attack outside Buckingham Palace by police intervention or just sheer luck. Sadiq Khan has said in the past that terrorism is just “part and parcel” of living in a big city.

A man with such a past and abysmal record during his time in office should make him ineligible to run a race, never mind run a world powerhouse such as London. Sadiq Khan may come across as quite a respectable fellow when he is speaking on television, but some quick digging into his past reveals associations and past comments which should really make Londoners question what this man really stands for. I have certainly drawn my conclusion on Khan since my initial apathy to his mayoralty. Sadiq Khan is in no way fit to hold such a prestigious position. Whoever is on the ticket in 2020, I certainly won’t be voting for Khan, I would rather give my vote to the Monster Raving Looney Party. As it goes their slogan is very fitting for the current situation here in London because if Londoners re-elect Khan, they certainly will be voting for insanity.

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