Amnesty for 1.8m illegals would be a terrible move. But does the Donald have a trick up his sleeve?

Much of the base was up in arms this week when it was announced that Donald Trump’s new proposal to the Democrats on immigration reform included an amnesty for 1.8 million illegals in the US. The compromise included amnesty for the 800,000 so called “Dreamers” in the US, but it was also extended to another 1 million Dreamers who have not registered as such. In return for the proposal, Donald Trump wants $25 billion to build the border wall, one of his key campaign promises and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery.

Many inside the base have been angered by this proposal. Breitbart even ran a piece which was titled “Amnesty Don” in response to the news. Indeed, amnesty for 1.8 million illegals would be absolutely disastrous for Trump, the Republican party and the country. The amnesty proposal being put forward is more generous than anything Obama proposed when it came to Dreamers, even though Obama tried to gain amnesty for all illegals but comprehensively failed in this attempt. If this went through, it would be seen as a betrayal to the base who voted for Trump in order to get illegals out of the country, not see them stay.

As I have mentioned in previous articles as well, the amnesty proposal for Dreamers would also be disastrous for the Republican party also. Handing amnesty to these Dreamers would be tantamount to giving the Democrats 1.8 million new voters. Most of the Dreamers are Hispanic and it is demographically proven that Hispanics tend to vote Democrat most of the time. I will leave a link at the bottom of this article to my other articles where I break down the statistics and prove this demographically.

There is also the matter of the rule of law. States such as California have been openly flouting federal law so much so that now the state is to begin penalizing people who try to abide by federal law and report people’s immigration statuses. This move would only serve to strengthen the hands of the subversive open-border activists who would seek only more amnesties in the future. Not only that, it is pretty clear to see that any amnesty would signal to other immigrants that America is open once again. It is very feasible to conceive that there would be jump in the numbers of people trying to cross the border if this move was passed. But I do wonder is there something else to this? Is this a clever tactic by Trump to show the fanaticism of the open-border Dems and absolve himself of all responsibility if amnesty was not passed?

When this proposal was announced, Democrats and open-border advocates made the outrageous claim that this compromise was “a ransom note from white supremacists.” Chuck Schumer said that the proposal was “a wishlist for immigration hardliners.” Senator Cory Booker said that the Dems would accept an amnesty for DACA recipients but found the proposal “offensive” because they were being used as a bargaining chip to get the wall built. So in other words, these over-zealous Dems and open-border nutcases are not open for any compromise: It’s their way or the highway, and the highway might just be their only way.

Donald Trump has said recently that if DACA is not passed, it would be down to “Cryin’ Chuck” Schumer. And this would certainly be the case. If the Democrats still refuse to accept this proposal this would put Donald Trump in the position where he could say: “Look at what I offered them, I offered them more than Obama and they still refused to make a deal.” What could happen then? Well, theoretically Trump could order the deportation of all of the Dreamers and fight ahead to get the wall without the help of the Senate, maybe through a private funding venture perhaps. It would also make Trump look like the good guy in all of this, while at the same time keeping his promises to the base.

This proposal if it does go ahead would be a terrible move on behalf of Trump. It would certainly alienate a large proportion of his base and strengthen the Dems hand come 2020. But seeing how Trump has outfoxed the entire establishment for the last 2 years, I wouldn’t underestimate the Donald. Possibly this proposal is just a clever little trick he has been keeping up his sleeve in order to expose the fanaticism of open-border Dems. I suppose only time will tell if that is true or not.

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