Lily Allen is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the modern left

Just two weeks after the disgusting Lily Allen was on Twitter excusing the actions of grooming gangs, this virtue signalling hypocrite was at it again. Today she shared a video of a message written on a Tube station message board that she said celebrated colonialism. The message which was written on the Dollis Hill Tube Station message board detailed the actions of British and colonial soldiers defending Rorke’s Drift in South Africa in 1879. In the footage, a woman can be heard saying that they are supposed to be writing uplifting messages, not ones celebrating colonialism. TfL apologized for message and said it was ill judged.

Now, I have to tackle this. The message that was written on the message board was only relaying historical facts. This is a major issue on the left these days, forever clinging to the sins of the past while excusing the sins of the present based around their twisted ideology. Lily Allen along with the rest of the modern day outraged social justice warriors preach about feminism while excusing the actions of men who abused 12-year-old girls, sold them for sex and branded a letter on their backside marking them as their property. Don’t give me this nonsense Lily about being a great feminist when only on Twitter two weeks ago you were defending these people.

Now lets move to the matter of colonialism. Do you know the sort of people that benefitted from colonialism. PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper Allen didn’t exactly live a life on the wrong side of the tracks. She was born into a comfortable middle class home, her father being the actor Keith Allen and mother being the film producer Alison Owen. Looking into the past of Lily Allen’s parents, her father Keith’s father was a Royal Navy Submariner, and her mothers parents also had a naval background.

By the leftist definition wouldn’t that make your family somehow involved in the colonialist forces of Britain. Ever heard the song “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves.” According to the logic of a left-wing social justice warrior that would be a awfully imperialistic song to be associated with wouldn’t it Lily?

Lily Allen is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the modern left. She is the stereotypical portrait of the left these days that consists of a wealthy upper middle class sub-strata of champagne socialists who virtue signal about the ills of western past while comfortably benefitting from it. At the very same time, the values they claim to hold such as feminism and tolerance are superseded by opposing values which dramatically compromises their moral compass, to the point they have become so morally redundant as to excuse the actions of child molesters and turn a blind eye to an actual rape culture.

When Lily Allen went to the Jungle camp in Calais and apologized for Britain to a “child” migrant, after the television cameras had stopped rolling Lily sure as hell didn’t offer this person refuge in her comfortable middle class home. Lily Allen who was born in Hammersmith, West London also wasn’t quick to offer the poor souls from Grenfell Tower, which is in the neighbourhood she grew up a place to stay in her 6-bedroom Cotswolds mansion. Oh, but she could certainly go down and get her face on the TV talking about it though couldn’t she. Anything for a bit of publicity I suppose eh Lily?

That is the thing you find with the left today, the virtue signalling is only convenient when it doesn’t affect them personally. Overall, Lily Allen is an utter joke of a human being, a person who if she didn’t have such double standards, she would have no standards at all. But she is a greater reflection of the modern left today, a left which seeks power in our institutions and societies with greater vigour each day. If the left does not reform and come to its senses, it is absolutely vital that we fight this leftist ideology with as much vigour and aggression. But with that being said, if it wasn’t for idiots like Lily Allen, the world would be such a dull place, because if it wasn’t for fools making statements such as hers, what would any of us have to write about??!! But Lily, a piece of advice, the political commentary isn’t really working out that well for you. I suggest you stick to the day job, whatever that is.

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