Labour investigated by equalities commission for making “white people pay more to hear speech”

The Labour Party is facing an investigation from the Equality and Human Rights Commission following a “diversity” ticket deal in which black and minority Asian (BAME) people were offered tickets to a Labour rally for £10 cheaper. White party members were told they had to pay £40 to attend the speech at Loughborough in the East Midlands while members from the BAME community only had to pay £30. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission began an investigation after a complaint from a Tory MP. The Tories said that this move by the Labour Party showed the racism embedded in the Labour Party and that it was a demonstration of how the party had abandoned the white working class. The Labour Party defended the move saying that the move was meant to “improve representation.”

For me, this move shows the overt Marxist tactics that are employed by the Labour Party. This use of identity politics mirrors Karl Marx’s classic tactic of pitting the proletariat (working classes) against the bourgeois (upper classes.) In recent years on the left, the tactic has shifted from being used in a classist sense to becoming more about identity. For instance, the proletariat of yesteryear would be the working classes, now it is groups that have a perceived disadvantage in society, such as black people and ethnic minorities, gender groups and groups based on sexual identification. The tactic is still the same, the left have to tell these people that they are still victims in order to gain their votes.

I have another problem with this. This move by Labour is just simply patronizing. Many black and ethnic minorities in this country work damn hard for a living. It is tantamount to Labour saying “you can never do better that your white counterparts, so come and put your faith in the white knights of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell and we will look after you.” I personally think it spits in the face of the achievements of people based on their individual merits rather than the colour of their skin.

Something like this should awaken people to what sort of party Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is. They are an insidious Marxist movement that cares nothing for individual accomplishment and if the truth be told, are far more racist than many parties of the right these days. The Labour Party clearly doesn’t believe in a society where the colour of someone’s skin is less relevant but the content of their character shines through. They also don’t believe that black people have the agency and drive to accomplish anything their white counterparts can. I hate to inform you Jeremy, but that makes you a massive racist. This is just another sign why anybody considering voting for this deeply unpleasant rabble need their heads testing.

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