Anti-Trump FBI agents texts speak of a meeting between the “secret society”

Bombshell new text messages between Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page detail a meeting between the “secret society.” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy told Fox News today that the texts were sent after day proceeding Trump’s historic election victory. Trey Gowdy said that the texts read “perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.”

This startling revelation comes a day after Fox reported that texts between Page and Stzrok sent on suspicious dates had mysteriously disappeared. The texts, which were sent in the lead up to Robert Mueller being appointed Special Counsel amount to 5 months of text messages. This is believed to be highly suspicious, with some indicating that this points to signs of a cover-up by some officials connected to the FBI. The FBI claim the texts were lost during a “updating glitch.”

Last week, the news about the FISA abuse memo started a hashtag #releasethememo trending. Representative Dave Joyce tweeted that the memo should be released within 19 working days. The FISA abuse memo apparently outlines abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by the Obama DOJ and FBI. The alleged details of the report contain information how the salacious Fusion GPS dossier was used as justification to spy on Trump campaign officials such as Carter Page. It has been said by those who have seen it that the contents are deeply troubling and will “shock the conscience of a nation.”

The latest revelations about these text messages between Stzrok and Page will undoubtedly lead many to believe that a conspiracy in the highest reaches of government had vested interests in keeping Donald Trump out of office. The very thought of a “secret society” plotting against the will of the people to remove a democratically elected president should be a major red flag to anybody that holds democracy dear. Many have said that this scandal surrounding the Mueller probe will turn out to be the biggest political scandal in American history, and revelations such as this will only serve to reinforce this fact. The American people need to know all the facts regarding this because as each day goes by the picture that is starting to be drawn in my mind as I imagine many others is a very disturbing one. #Releasethememo.

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