Sky News runs a piece which is sympathetic to Antifa

I was appalled, but frankly not surprised when I watched a piece this morning on Sky News which conveyed a sympathetic tone towards the domestic terrorist organization Antifa. At the beginning of the piece, the presenter Sarah Jane Mee said “to some they are dangerous, violent rioters. To others they are the last line of defence against the rise of the far-right in America.” The tone was set for a piece which did far more to enable the actions of Antifa rather than condemn it.

The piece started with a woman reporter who was following around a Portland chapter of the group. She followed Antifa members as they posted flyers of a “white-supremacist” around a neighbourhood in the city. The woman reporter went on to say that “there had been a notable rise in hate crimes and far-right activities since the election of Donald Trump.” Hearing a line like this being used in conjunction with a piece about Antifa, it is difficult to draw any other conclusion than Sky News condoning the actions of this group. An Antifa member named Jason Bureros, who was described as “Director, Action Alliance” said that “white supremacy isn’t over, its alive, its prevalent and its well.”

The second segment of the piece involved Antifa members attending a protest against what Sky News described as “far-right group Patriot Prayer.” The reporter said that the group deny being “white-supremacists” but Antifa says the group “provides a platform and cover for hardcore racists.” Before I continue about this utter sh*tshow from Sky News, I would just like to give a brief insight into Patriot Prayer so I can show how ludicrous this Sky News piece was.

Patriot Prayer is a conservative group which was founded by Joey Gibson, a Japanese American. Joey Gibson has openly denounced racism on many occasions, and people of many different ethnicities are members of Patriot Prayer. The overriding theme of the groups message is related to free-speech and opposition to big-government. Joey Gibson said he felt compelled to start the group after seeing Trump supporters and Antifa clashing. Gibson openly denounced the white supremacists who attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and this fact is even confirmed by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, hardly a neutral and balanced voice when it comes to this topic. The SPLC does not list Gibson as an extremist, nor Patriot Prayer as a hate group.

Now, back to the piece. The reporter interviewed a masked Antifa member who vaguely said “fascists have to be quashed when they’re small, and by any means necessary.” The reporter then said “and that can mean violence.” The piece continued with the opposing Antifa and Patriot Prayer members squaring off with punches eventually being thrown. Antifa were readily owned in some segments. In another clip, 5 Antifa cowards were attacking one man who was on a bench, while another woman came from behind and pepper sprayed him.  The reporter then said “someone explained the masks and dresscodes: They call it Black Bloc.”

Again I have to cut off this article so I could explain to any braindead Sky News journalists who happen to read this what Black Bloc is and what type of people they are supporting. The tactic of Black Bloc was first used in 1987. On May 1st of that year, communists and anarchists attacked West German police with bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails. The riots which became known as the “May Day riots in Kreuzberg” saw police have to retreat from the “SO 36” neighbourhood after being attacked by thousands of rioters who then went on to loot stores in the neighbourhood. During the 80’s, far-left groups staged Berlin-Kreuzberg riots every May Day as a sort of tradition. Some of these riots resulted in fatalities. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the riots decreased in intensity. This is the origin of the tactic of Black Bloc.

The reporter heard an Antifa member say the reason why they needed to cover their faces was to protect their identity from their opponents and the police. The reporter then went onto say “it is a toxic relationship, anti-fascists view the police as a racist organization.” The reporter then heard from an Antifa member who said that the police had more in common with fascists than Antifa. She then spoke to some Antifa members who spoke of how they doxed “white supremacists” online. The Rose City Antifa member who gave their name as “Lucy” said that they had addresses of people and knew where they worked. The person went onto say that when they “release someone’s place of work their hope is to get them fired.”

What the Sky News reporter conveniently forgot to mention is that people who are in no way white supremacists or hold racist views have been targeted at their homes by Antifa members simply because they hold conservative views. People such as Ben Shapiro, who is a conservative has been labelled a Nazi by Antifa and had many of his events protested by the group (may I add that Ben Shapiro is Jewish.)

The piece finished with the reporter saying “to some these people are warriors for justice, the last line of defence against a growing threat in a changing America.” I am not surprised by this piece, but I am frankly disgusted by the bias displayed by Sky News and the lack of journalistic integrity involved in this piece. The woman reporter said during the piece that there have been calls for this group to be labelled as terrorists. Well, Antifa HAVE been labelled as terrorists. The Department of Homeland Security has described their actions as “domestic terrorist violence.” In that spirit, I wonder what will be on Sky News tomorrow? A segment that describes ISIS as freedom fighters? Your guess is as good as mine. I suggest any of you that read this to go out and find the piece on the internet if you can, because I assure you, you will be as disgusted as I was when I watched it.

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