Man attacked Muslims “after growing angry at rising terrorism” court hears

A father-of-four attacked Muslims outside a North London mosque with his van after growing angry following the wave of terror attacks in the UK last year, a court has heard. Unemployed Darren Osborne, 48 is standing trial over the murder of Makram Ali, 51 who died after being crushed under the wheels of his van after he drove into worshippers outside The Muslim Welfare centre, just 90 metres away from the infamous Finsbury Park mosque in June last year. Osborne is then alleged to have jumped from the vehicle and screamed “I did my bit.”

Jurors heard that Mr Osborne had written a note criticising Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and Lily Allen over their response to the wave of Islamist terror attacks that hit the UK last year and their response to the Muslim grooming gangs operating in the UK.

In the note which was read aloud to the court by Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC, Darren Osborne wrote “Why are there terrorists on our streets today?
We have three recent terror attacks where children splattered against the walls of concerts – part and parcel by all accounts according to Sadiq Khan. No it isn’t, how can you let this happen?” Darren Osborne went onto write about grooming gangs, saying “Where were you in Rotherham, Lilly Allen, Jeremy Corbyn? Nowhere to be seen.”

The court also heard from Osborne’s partner Sarah Andrews that he was “something of a loner” and an “alcoholic.” It was said that Darren Osborne had originally intended to drive his hired van into the Al-Quds Day march in Central London which was attended by the Islamic Human Right’s Commission, but decided to attack the Finsbury Park mosque, which has had its own issues with extremism in the past instead.

The court heard that worshippers had gathered around Seven Sisters Road and Whadcoat Street to help Mr Ali who had suffered a medical issue and collapsed, when Mr Osborne drove his van into the group of worshippers, crushing Mr Ali under the wheels and injuring 9 others, 2 critically. Mr Osborne then jumped from the van and was detained by a group of mosque attendees until the police arrived. Mr Ali died from multiple injuries on the scene at 01:04 that evening. Mr Osborne, of Cardiff denies charges of murder and attempted murder. The trial continues.




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