Is Sweden preparing for an imminent civil war?

I read a story the other day that caused alarm bells to go off within my mind. Many of us who are dedicated to speaking truth that mainstream media outlets wish to keep from us have been following the situation in Sweden regarding the effects of mass migration on the country. The rise in bombings, shootings, rape and violent crime being committed by migrant gangs have within a matter of a couple of years had a destabilizing effect on this once peaceful and stable Northern European nation. I didn’t know just how bad this was until I read what I did the other day.

Sweden is going to be distributing leaflets to 4.7 million of its residents detailing what to do in the potential case of war in the country. The booklets detail what citizens should do in case of a cyber attack, a terrorist outrage or a natural disaster. The mainstream media outlets that covered the story briefly said that the main reason these leaflets were being distributed was because of the threat posed by Russia. The booklet entitled “If the war comes” will be distributed from May.

Another piece of news I read this week connected some dots within my head, leading me to believe that the announcement of the distribution of this booklet is not related to any external threat but one that is very internal. 20 members of the Moderate party in Sweden have called for the army to be sent into the no-go zones of the country in order to re-establish order in neighbourhoods that have been taken over by gangs of migrants. Moderate Party politician Mikael Cederbratt said this week: “The situation in our areas of exclusion has deteriorated. The gangs have taken over and the police have had to retreat. Swedish law no longer applies there.” Sweden has seemingly lost control of swathes of the country since the borders were opened during the migrant crisis.

These gangs have not only committed some appalling attacks within the confines of their own enclaves, they have also apparently declared war on Swedish society. Just this week in Sweden’s 3rd largest city Malmo a grenade was thrown at a police station. This attack is just one of many on government buildings such as courts and other police stations across the country.

Some observers, myself included believe that Sweden is in the early stages of a major civil unrest which threatens to destabilize the entire nation. Maybe now Sweden’s elites have realized the grave error they have made by undertaking suicidal immigration policies which have seen portions of the country surrendered to people who wish to be no part of Swedish society. Maybe this booklet and the proposal of sending in the military to combat these migrant gangs is the beginning stages of a plan to rectify the mess they have caused.

Whatever happens, Sweden is in a dire place. Even though us in England have voted to leave the European Union, I personally still consider myself a European. It pains me to see a great European nation and its citizens going through such hardship. The sad reality is that Sweden is on a knife-edge. The only way forward from here is not a road that provides many good outcomes. If the army is sent in to combat these gangs, bloodshed will almost certainly be inevitable. These gangs are heavily armed with automatic weapons and grenades. There have even been seizures of RPG’s and grenade launchers in Sweden over the last year.

Two heavily armed forces colliding on the streets of a prosperous European nation is utterly incomprehensible, but it seems to be becoming more of a potential reality than a paranoid conspiracy theory by the day. The other road to travel down is surrender. Just give in to these subversive forces and surrender portions of your nation to these migrant gangs who wish to see their own twisted version of the law reign supreme. If any nation gives in to invading forces who wish to subvert their laws, they cease to become a nation.

Many on the left speak of the need to tear down walls. I would tell them to do some research on the situation in Sweden and see what happens when the walls come down around your nation. Sweden is now at a crossroads. It appears that our worst nightmares for the fate of European nations at the beginning of the migrant crisis are coming to fruition. The only note that I can end this article on is by asking you who read it to pray for Sweden, because I think they are going to need it.

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Is mass immigration turning Sweden into a warzone?

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