Schumer Shutdown shows Democrats care more about illegals than hardworking Americans

At 12:00 tonight, the government shutdown that lawmakers had been trying to avoid has come into effect. A last ditch vote was held just in the Senate to try to avoid an impending shutdown but it failed to reach the 60 vote threshold that was needed to secure funding and keep the government open. The key-procedural step was necessary to pass a GOP short-term funding bill, but nearly all Democrats voted against the move. The reason cited for this was the failure to reach an agreement on DACA, the Obama era policy which sees illegal immigrants brought to the US as children be able to obtain work permits. The Democrats wanted to see a full amnesty for DACA recipients.

To their credit, four Democrats put the needs of the American people over that of illegal immigrants and voted to pass the short-term funding bill. These were Joe Donnelly, Joe Manchin, Claire McCaskill, and Heidi Heitkamp. However, the cynic might say that these 4 Dems voted this way because they are all from states that Donald Trump won and are all up for election in the mid-terms, but lets give some credit to them at least! Doug Jones who won last months Special Election in Alabama, beating Roy Moore also voted in favour of keeping the government open.

As well as Democratic obstructionists, there were a few notable Republicans who voted against the bill. Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee voted against the bill, citing concerns about the adequacy of another continuing resolution in funding the government. Jeff Flake, a prominent anti-Trumper also voted no. Donald Trump invited Chuck Schumer to the White House today to try to hash out a deal to avoid the shutdown, but after failing to receive assurances about DACA recipients, no compromise between the two men was met.

What does a government shutdown actually mean? The last government shutdown occurred back in 2013 when government functions were closed for 16 days. Republicans at the time said the Obama administration “weaponized” the shutdown. During this period, American workers such as the military, border patrol agents and park police didn’t get paid. It is hoped that this shutdown will not be as painful as the 2013 one, as Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director has said that he was going to encourage agencies to transfer funds to pay their workers. In the meantime it is hoped that a deal can be reached over the weekend to get the government open again.

But the longer this goes on, pain will be inevitably felt by hardworking American families across the United States as the men and women who are tasked with keeping the citizens of the country safe and providing essential services are not being paid. The Democrats are going to have the hard task of explaining to these hardworking men and women that they have outwardly chosen to fight for the rights of illegal immigrants over them.

I wrote an article about DACA a few days ago, and while in that article I accepted that there was an emotional aspect to this case and DACA recipients deserve some level of sympathy, that sympathy should never come at the expense of hardworking American citizens. The Democrats have shown what many have already suspected, that they appear to favour the rights of those people who legally have no status to be in the country over those people who get up in the morning, go to work and pay their taxes, and in the most extreme cases give their lives for their country.

The politics of immigration is a topic that the Democrats fight as one of their primary causes. Many people suspect that the reason for this is due to their need to implement a voter base which has a better chance of voting Democrat. I have shown correlation for this in another article I wrote some days ago. People will be pointing the finger of blame at one another when it comes to this shutdown, and while the nuances of a government shutdown make it difficult to apportion the blame on one side entirely, the Democrats have shown during this shutdown that for their own political aspirations they are happy to spit in the face of hardworking men and women that are the lifeblood of America. The people who might be affected by this shutdown, for which seems to lie at the feet of 800,000 illegal immigrants might do well to remember that come the mid-terms.

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