California citizens face legal jeopardy. . .if they obey federal immigration law

California, which became the nations first sanctuary state on January 1st of this year is to take legal action against citizens if they attempt to co-operate with federal immigration law, the attorney general of the state has said.

Xavier Becerra said businesses in the state must not inform ICE agents and other departments about illegals they may have working for them. Democrat Becerra said that employers may face legal action if they are seen to be co-operating with federal immigration officials. Businesses would be penalized under the new law that was recently passed in the state called the Immigration Workers Protection Act.

In a news conference on Thursday Xavier Becerra said that if employers began co-operating with federal authorities and informed them of the immigration status of their staff they would “be subject to action from my office.” Some of the penalties that could be imposed on employers include $10,000 fines.

Some have said that this blatant flouting of federal immigration laws is tantamount to the Democratic governance of California seceding from the rest of the country. Under new proposals, Donald Trump has said that he wishes to impose harsher penalties on states that adopt “sanctuary city” laws. While the Trump administration attempts to clamp down on illegal immigration, states such as California appear to be the future template of Democratic governance in America and the stances they would adopt towards immigration. Sanctuary city, or now in the case of California, sanctuary state laws are illegal under federal law in the US. It is the equivalent of aiding and abetting a fugitive. This threat by California’s seemingly rogue Democratic leadership has made me start to wonder whether places like California are simply becoming laws unto themselves when it comes to immigration.

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