Man brags about leaving Trump supporter stranded in the snow

From the same people that say “Love Trumps Hate,” the hateful rhetoric of anti-Trumpers was certainly visible for all to see when a man named Troy Brown bragged about leaving a Trump supporter stranded in the snow. On Facebook, Troy Brown claimed he was driving down the road when he saw a car stranded in the snow. According to his statement, Troy Brown said that he thought about helping the woman, but when he saw she had a Trump bumper sticker on the car, he kept driving. On social media he posted #CallYoPresident, and appeared to revel in his actions.

Brown, who in his comments says he is a Bernie Sanders supporter then attempted to cash in on the incident, by posting a link to a website in which he was selling merchandise. This display of hatred from a man who has simply judged a person on the outward appearance of political affiliation apparently follows the same left-wing progressive ideology that is always speaking about racism and hatred, but is all too happy to judge somebody on their political belief or on the colour of their skin if they are white. So, the standard now from those on the left is to wave signs saying how “Love Trumps Hate” while at the same time showing overt displays of hatred to Trump supporters. Is it just me or does anyone see how hypocritical that is?

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