Asylum seeker stabbed man 50 times at Birmingham tram stop, court hears

A father who was on his way to meet one of his sons at the pub was stabbed to death by an asylum seeker in a random attack, a court has heard. Anthony Banting, 57, had got off a tram in the Winson Green area of Birmingham when he was attacked by asylum seeker Alaeldien Ahmed. It has been claimed Mr Ahmed was suffering from “paranoid schizophrenia” at the time of the attack.

Birmingham Crown Court has heard that father-of-four Anthony Banting had got off the tram at Soho Benson Road Metro stop. Three minutes later he was found lying dead on a footpath. Prosecutor Alan Kent QC said: “It was, it would appear, a random and motiveless attack.” Nobody is thought to have witnessed the attack. The court also heard that Mr Ahmed was arrested by officers conducting house-to-house inquiries in the area following the murder and that officers who recognized him from CCTV in the area apprehended Alaeldien Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed is thought to be one of the millions of people who have entered Europe during the recent wave of migration known as “the migrant crisis.” Alaeldien Ahmed left Sudan in 2015 where he crossed the Mediterranean in an inflatable boat, as is the pattern with many of the recent arrivals into Europe. Mr Ahmed found himself in Calais where he then applied for asylum in the UK after stowing away in a lorry. Just yesterday Theresa May announced that the UK was to take in more migrants from the Calais area after a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.  Mr Ahmed, of Eva Road, Winson Green denies the charges against him. The trial continues.

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