Theresa May to allow migrants from Calais into the UK

Ahead of the state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May has pledged £44.5 million to “beef up” security in Calais. The money is to be spent on fencing, CCTV and infrared detection technology in Calais as well as other border points on the other side of the British Channel. As well as pledging the money, Theresa May has also promised to take in migrants from the Calais.

Migrants, mainly from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa have been gathering around the port of Calais in an attempt to enter the United Kingdom since 1999. More than 37,000 migrants were intercepted trying to cross into England via the Channel Tunnel since January and July 2015, coinciding with the height of the migrant crisis which saw millions of migrants enter the continent of Europe.

The area around Calais has also been home to multiple “jungle camps” since 2002. The international media was drawn to the location back in 2016 after the French government evacuated 6,700 residents of the area and dismantled the camp. There have been many incidences of lorry drivers being attacked and threatened by migrants since the start of the migrant crisis back in 2015.

Some of the most disturbing incidents of attacks on drivers include migrants threatening a driver with a chainsaw in order to gain access to his truck and even a death has been reported due to migrant attacks. Back in June 2017, migrants stopped a lorry on the A16 autoroute with a tree trunk. As the lorry was stopped, a van hit the lorry which subsequently burst into flames, killing the van driver. In another disturbing incident back in July 2017, a van driver was assaulted with a brick by a group of migrants and left for dead. The migrants attacked the man so they could steal his lorry.

This move by Theresa May will surely anger people as these migrants are not refugees. They are purely migrants of choice. They have crossed many safe countries that could of afforded them sanctuary and refuge, but instead they chose to keep travelling in order to reach the UK. Although I can accept that France has been carrying most of the burden of this problem, the solution for me is simple. Either they settle in a safe nation such as France or one of the other European nations they have crossed or they be deported back to where they come from. When it comes to migrants that have entered Europe since the migrant crisis began back in 2015, these particular migrants in question invoke very little sympathy in me.

Lily Allen, the Z-list, virtue signalling middle-class fake liberal visited the jungle camp a few years ago. Famously this despicable human being apologized to a “child” migrant for what the UK had done to his nation of Afghanistan. For someone who cares so much about the plight of these people who could have found sanctuary if they were genuine refugees many times already, Lily Allen hasn’t put up any migrants in her home. I suspect that she would throw quite the tantrum if they were housed anywhere within the vicinity of her house, as would many other virtue signalling celebrities. Theresa the appeaser has certainly been going out of the way to earn her title. In this case though, I would be open for a compromise. I would gladly accept some of this migrants. . . if Lily Allen could be sent the other way!

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