Media Research Centre exposes liberal media bias towards Trump

The Media Research Centre has confirmed what we all knew. The left-wing media in the United States has been overwhelmingly biased in their coverage of Donald Trump. The liberal media has seemingly abandoned their responsibilities to their consumers and has engaged in a propaganda campaign to take down the president of the United States. In the article published by Media Research Centre entitled “2017: The year the News Media went to war with a president” it found that on ABC, CBS and NBC 90 percent of the coverage afforded to Donald Trump was negative and only 10 percent was positive.

In the findings, it was also revealed that despite the Russia collusion narrative receiving major coverage, no questions were raised about how the inquiry started or whether Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel was biased. In the detailed breakdown of the research that was conducted, it was found that since Trump’s inauguration there had been 99 hours and 3 minutes of coverage about the President, equivalent to 34 percent of all evening news airtime.

The coverage was unflattering to say the least, analysts from Media Research Centre noted that there had been 5,883 statements about Trump or the administration from anchors, non partisan contributors and sources such as voters and “experts.” Of these 5,883 statements, only 617 were positive. This is equal to just over 10 percent, the others were overwhelmingly negative.

There were only 3 months when coverage of Trump rose above a 10 percent positivity rating. That was during the inauguration in January. In April following the missile strikes on Syria and after the tax bill was passed in December. Even though Trump received a better level of balanced coverage, the numbers were still abysmal. The highest level of positive coverage he was given was in April after the missile strikes when Trump received 18 percent positive coverage.

It was also found that regardless of the issues, the media coverage was negative towards Trump. In the research it pointed out that coverage of Trump was no more negative after the furore over Charlottesville than any other time. The level of negative coverage during Charlottesville was measured at 91 percent.

The report also interestingly proved the mainstream media’s degeneration into a glorified tabloid. The coverage of controversies surrounding Trump was given much more airtime than any policy position. Discussion of policy amounted to 46 hours and 58 minutes of coverage, the equivalent of 47 percent. It was also found that the Russia investigation was given 20 hours and 34 minutes of coverage, equal to more than one fifth of all coverage about Donald Trump. This made Russia the topic which was covered by these three news outlets the most by far. The research also found a pattern when it came to covering controversies. It found that the media seemed to cover one for a while and then when a new one came along they moved onto that.

America’s cable news landscape consists of channels that adopt a more partisan approach to covering news. For example fake news CNN would be considered to be part of the liberal media while Fox is considered conservative. But for many of us who have had the sneaking suspicion that liberal media outlets are no longer a genuine criticism of policies that do not fit their ideological framework but a propaganda machine will have our suspicions confirmed that this is the case by this latest research.

The lies by the mainstream media that have been exposed over the course of the last year combined with this research tells me that journalistic integrity on the left is well and truly gone. People like Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough are not worthy of being called reporters in any sense of the word, no matter what their fancy degrees might say. They are now simply the purveyors of gossip in the hope that the man who they vehemently hate will crash and burn in front of their eyes.

After Trump shocked the establishment and became the president of the United States, many of these same people were left with egg on their face. I remember Fareed Zakaria arrogantly declaring “Donald Trump will never win this election.” Maybe this has a part to play in their crusade to bring down this president by any means necessary (The way they support Antifa, BAMN is probably the phrase they use in the newsroom!)

Whatever the motivation, a deep state conspiracy, the embarrassment of their failure to read the changing mood of the nation or just an ideological reluctance to accept this president, this news should trouble everybody. From liberal to conservative, libertarian to centrist. The left-wing media hold a monopoly over the information many American’s receive. If the news they are receiving is not balanced, how can they ever know if what they are being told is the truth? Back in 2007, Fox News’ Sean Hannity said that the media was dead in America. Looking at this research done by MRC, I think I might be inclined to agree with him.

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