Family of murdered woman wanted her to have a Pakistani boyfriend, court hears

The family of murdered woman Celine Dookhran disapproved of her relationship with a Libyan man and believed she should be dating a Pakistani, leading her to stay with her uncle who went onto murder her a court has heard. The body of Celine was discovered in a house in Kingston, South West London padlocked in a deep freezer. It is alleged that she was murdered by her builder uncle Mujahid Arshid, 33, who is alleged to have kidnapped 19-year-old Celine along with another woman who he bundled into his boot and then raped at the abandoned property before slitting both of their throats. The second woman involved in the incident survived.

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said that before she died, Celine had fallen out with her parents because she was dating a Libyan man while they believed she should be dating a Pakistani. This led to her going to live with her uncle Mujahid Arshid. The court alleges that he developed a “sexual” fixation with her. It is then alleged that when he realized that a relationship was “beyond his clutches” he hatched a plan to kill Celine.

It is said that Arshid abducted Celine on July 19th, the day after she had met with her family who pressured her to abandon her relationship with her current boyfriend. It is alleged that Arshid enlisted the help of his builder friend Vincent Tappu, 28 who kidnapped the women by stuffing socks in their mouths and bundling them into the boot of his car. Arshid is then alleged to have driven to the Kingston property where he raped the two women before killing Celine by slitting her throat. He then slit the throat of the other woman, but she managed to persuade Arshid not to kill her, and while badly injured she raised the alarm by phoning police.

Mr Arshid of no fixed address, denies charges of murder, attempted murder, two counts of rape and two charges of sexual assault. His co-defendant Vincent Tappu, from Acton, West London denies two counts of kidnapping, conspiracy to falsely imprison and possession of a firearm with intent. The trial continues.

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