Tricky Dick Durbin: The man behind the Trump sh*thole comments is a known liar

Illinois senator Dick Durbin has caused a meltdown of epic proportions in the liberal media this week when he said that Donald Trump called several nations around the world “sh*tholes.” According to Dick Durbin the nations Donald Trump described in this way included Haiti and several African nations. The hysterical response from the mainstream media has been quite amusing to watch! Don Lemon came on CNN declaring “The president is a racist.” Among the crying contributors and riled up reporters, CNN has certainly led the way in taking Trump Derangement Syndrome into 2018. But who is Dick Durbin, the man who made these claims. Donald Trump has strenuously denied the claims made by this Illinois senator, so maybe it might be handy to look into his past and see if he has any track record when it comes to fabrication.

You couldn’t imagine my shock when I discovered that Tricky Dick Durbin has a long history of embellishing the truth. Back in 2013 Politico reported that Dick Durbin had made a false claim about quotes from a GOP house leader. According to Durbin, one GOP house leader said to Barack Obama “I can’t even stand to look at you.” Dick Durbin reiterated this claim on his Facebook page. However both the GOP leaders office and the Obama White House denied this. When asked about this, Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney said “I looked into this and spoke with somebody who was in the meeting and it did not happen.”

Just last week Dick Durbin was engaging in some rather salacious claims. When speaking about immigration recently he said the term “chain migration” is racist because it reminds black people who came to the US during slavery of being in chains. Chain migration is actually a term that has been used by demographers since the 1960’s to describe the social process in which immigrants from one town follow others to another town or neighbourhood. Dick Durbin actually used the comment himself back in 2010 when he was arguing in favour of it saying that it had to be implemented as part of  DACA.

Dick Durbin has made other unsubstantiated claims. Back in 2014 he said that 10 million Americans had received insurance under Obamacare and that it would actually lower the deficit. The Daily Caller reported back in 2013 that Dick Durbin had made some comments about the tragic death of his daughter which were not completely factual and had some political motivation. He said that the pre-existing condition from which his daughter sadly died of showed why Obamacare should be supported. But he failed to disclose that his daughter was already covered by existing insurance. A fellow Democrat has even disputed the claims that Donald Trump used the sh*thole comments. Senator David Perdue said on ABC’s This Week “I am telling you that he did not use those words.”

The storm caused by the claims from this Senator have certainly been fun to watch. From CNN using the word with complete abandon in some strange attempt to sensationalise the story, to the numerous hashtags and comments doing the rounds on Twitter. I have to be honest I have enjoyed watching fake news this week! But going on Tricky Dick Durbin’s track record, I would urge people not to be so quick to believe the words that come out of this mans sh*thole!

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