The UK grooming gangs: How widespread is this problem?

Starting back in 2011, an issue was beginning to be brought to light by the work of one tenacious reporter that would rock the nation to its core. Andrew Norfolk of the Times had first wrote about the issue of grooming back in 2003, writing a story about a Keighley sex abuse ring after moving from London to Yorkshire.

The MP for Keighley Ann Cryer had been complaining that Pakistani Muslim men had been targeting young girls in the area outside schools, while at the same time the police were refusing to act. Norfolk had discovered evidence of 14 cases dating back from 1997 in which girls were targeted by offenders they had met on the street. A striking pattern was found in these cases, all of the men were Muslim and predominately of a Pakistani background.

Norfolk interviewed two of the affected families in 2011 and published a series of stories entitled “Revealed: conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs.” The story of what has been described as “the biggest child protection scandal in UK history” had now began to come to light. The most well documented case of what is now known in the UK as a “Muslim grooming gang” was exposed for people to see.

Rotherham was the landmark case of this kind to be exposed and given press coverage after years of cover-ups and denials. Even when the story broke the mainstream media still would not describe the men involved accurately. When people began to realize the demographics of the people involved they began to describe them as “Asian.” This caused uproar within the Hindu and Sikh communities of the UK as the men involved were not merely “Asian,” they all had two traits in common which bound them together, they were almost exclusively Pakistani, although this was not always the case and they were all Muslim men. The mainstream media today still tiptoe around this fact when reporting stories of this kind.

The details of the Rotherham case were shocking. In subsequent reports and inquiries that followed it was revealed that the gangs were operating in the town since the 1980’s until the 2010’s. It was first documented in the 1990’s when care-home managers raised concerns that taxi drivers were picking up young children that had been entrusted to their care and they feared they were being sexually exploited. In 2001, the names of some of the offenders involved were passed onto authorities. The reports named several members of one family in the town. Although the names of perpetrators were known to police and Rotherham council, the first convictions in the case did not take place until 2010. Essentially these men were allowed to operate for at least 9 years before any action was taken.

The attitude of political correctness and the fear of being labelled a racist has been blamed for the failure of authorities to act. The woman who wrote the first report back in 2001, Adele Weir was one of those who was subject to this infuriating censorious attitude that ran through Rotherham council and South Yorkshire Police. In the report that Adele Weir wrote she stated that 54 of the abused girls had been linked to a family called the Hussain family. 18 of the girls named Arshid Hussain as their “boyfriend.” In the report it said that Hussain, who was around 25 at the time had got several of the girls pregnant and one of the girls who was aged 14 at the time had got pregnant by him twice.

Adele Weir handed her report to South Yorkshire Police. After their failure to act on the information she had given them she wrote a letter to South Yorkshire police demanding that they take action. The forces response to the letter is as mind boggling as it is absolutely enraging. Adele Weir is told that she must never mention Asian men. She was subjected to a tirade of abuse by police officials during a meeting at Rotherham police station expressing the need to not mention the ethnicity or religion of those involved. Adele Weir was then booked to go on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise her awareness of ethnic issues.

The first trial of those committing the abuse was linked to Operation Central which was eventually set up by South Yorkshire police to investigate the allegations. In this trial 5 men were convicted in 2010 of sexual activity with girls aged from 12-14 years old. The person to receive the longest sentence was Razwan Razaq who was sentenced to 11 years. The conviction of these 5 men were the first to be tried and brought to justice over the abuse.

After the case began to receive ever more scrutiny and the public outcry grew louder, Operation Clover was set up in 2013. In subsequent trials in 2015, 2016 and 2017, 23 men were convicted of crimes linked to the abuse. Some of the charges the men were found guilty of ranged from false imprisonment, conspiracy to rape, rape, conspiracy to procure prostitutes, inciting gross indecency with a child and sexual activity with a child under the age of 13. One of the men convicted included Arshid Hussain, who was sentenced to 35 years.

In 2014, Arshid Hussain’s brother Sageer gave an interview to Channel 4 in which he blamed the girls for the abuse. He said “The biggest part of the problem you have these days is these young girls, that are dressed up, i.e. miniskirts, stuff like that, they’re going into the clubs, and they’re ending up going with blokes, and stuff like that, and they’re waking up next morning, and they scream rape. Or groomed.” During the January 2017 trial, which saw 6 men convicted of crimes linked to the abuse, the men shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they were led from the court. In total it has been estimated that up to 1,400 girls have been abused by Muslims from Rotherham. The abuse is not the only crime which has been linked to what has been going on in Rotherham, the murder of a young girl back in 2012 also speaks to the culture of cover-up and denials that has plagued the system.

Back in 2012, 17-year-old local girl Laura Wilson was stabbed to death by her “boyfriend” Ashtiaq Asghar in what police say was an “honour killing.” Laura Wilson had conceived a child 4 months earlier with a local married man who was also of Pakistani descent. Laura Wilson made the fateful mistake of telling the families of both of the men after they were unaware they had been going with Laura Wilson. Days later Ashtiaq Asghar murdered her by stabbing her 40 times. Both men stood trial, the older man was acquitted with Asghar was convicted of murder.

Following a serious case review, Rotherham Council applied for an injunction to stop Andrew Norfolk publishing the full version. The government ordered that Rotherham had to publish the full version. In the Serious Case Review it was found that Laura Wilson, who had an IQ of 56 had been the victim of targeted grooming in the town since she was 11 years old. Rotherham Council also attempted to cover up the ethnicity of the men involved in the murder of Laura Wilson.

The Rotherham case is the one that people always speak of when trying to accurately describe these type of grooming cases, but it is no means an isolated incident. These cases have been happening in towns and cities across the UK. Just to try and show how widespread these cases are I am going to provide a list of every case I could find.

Derby-Back in 2011, the ringleaders of a grooming gang were sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison. Mohammed Liaqat, 28, and Abid Saddique, 27, were found guilty at a trial of charges including rape. The court heard that the men plied their victims with drugs and alcohol and forced them to have sex at locations across the Midlands. Six other men were convicted in this case.

Birmingham- West Midlands Police document entitled Problem Profile, Operation Protection from March 2010 highlights how grooming had been directed specifically at schools and children’s homes. The report also states that police were scared to intervene because of the fact they were Muslim men.

Oxford- 7 men convicted in 2013 of sexual offences including rape, child prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation. They were also convicted of numerous physical assaults on the girls. Kamar Jamil, of Oxford was found guilty of the most offences, including 5 counts of rape. In a 2015 report, it said that the girls were subjected to serious sexual violence, including biting, suffocating and burning. The girls were routinely tortured with baseball bats and meat cleavers. In the report it said a 12-year-old girl had the letter “M” branded on her buttocks, so it would be known she was the property of Mohammed Karrar, who charged men between £400 and £600 to have sex with her. In the report it was stated that up to 300 girls were abused by the gang.

Newcastle-Operation Shelter in Newcastle reveals that up to 278 young girls are targeted by a grooming gang around Newcastle and Gateshead. The case attracted widespread controversy after it was revealed that police paid a convicted child rapist £10,000 to inform on the gang. During the trial the judge said that the girls were not targeted according to their race but because of their vulnerability, although one of the convicted men, Badrul Hussain once said to a ticket collector at the Tyne and Wear metro station that “White women are only good for one thing. For men like me to f*** and use as trash.” Several men were handed lengthy prison sentences over the abuse.

Rochdale- 9 men were convicted of offences including rape and child prostitution back in 2012. 47 girls were believed to have been targeted by the abuse. The men, who were all Pakistani Muslims targeted their victims in locations where young people were known to frequent such as takeaway food shops.

These are just 5 examples of many cases that have been reported across the UK. To say that this issue is widespread would be an understatement. Cases such as these have taken place in many towns across the UK. It is also believed that the actual number of cases are higher as many are not reported to the police. The culture of political correctness that allowed this abuse to go unpunished can never be allowed to continue. If someone wishes to smear you for calling out abuse such as this do not cower to it. They are the ones who are committing the truly evil deed by allowing this to happen. The people and services that failed these young children should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Political correctness allowed lives to be destroyed by the sub-human vermin that engaged in this activity. The only parting message I can give to you is that we must never allow this to happen again.

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