13 children found “chained to beds” in shocking case out of Perris, California

Police in Perris, California discovered a truly shocking scene that would be more reminiscent of something from the dark ages on Sunday. 13 children were found being held captive at their home after their 17-year-old sister escaped the house and alerted authorities to their plight. When police entered the home they discovered some of the children had been shackled and chained to beds.

The girl was discovered by police officers after fleeing the house on Muir Wood Road. All of the children have been hospitalized after suffering from mal-nourishment. Some of the people being held at the house were actually adults but were so emaciated that at first Riverside County officers thought they were children. The ages of those involved were believed to have ranged from 2 to 29 years old.

After making the harrowing discovery in the house which was described as “dark and foul-smelling” police arrested David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49 on charges of torture and child endangerment. They are being held in custody and the bail has been set at $9 million. The family is not believed to have been well known to neighbours in the local area, with one neighbour saying that the family “kept themselves to themselves.” The 2 people being held are believed to have been the children’s parents and no motive as to the cruelty has yet been established by investigators.

Picture from howldb.com

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