Yorkshire crossbow murder suspect found dead

The suspect in the murder of a man in North Yorkshire and the attempted murder of a pregnant woman has been found dead by police. The body of a man believed to be that of Anthony Lawrence, 55 was found in a camper van on Sunday evening after police had launched a manhunt following the death of his neighbour Shane Gilmer in Southburn, Driffield. Mr Lawrence was also believed to have attempted to murder his pregnant girlfriend Laura Sugden in the incident. Thankfully Ms Sugden only received non-life threatening injuries.

Mr Lawrence’s body was discovered 24 miles away from the scene of the crime which is being speculated as being sparked by a “row over noise.” Police confirmed just after 9pm last night that the body discovered was that of Mr Lawrence, bringing the manhunt to an end. In an official statement DCI Stewart Miller said: “We can confirm that at around 6pm this evening (Sunday 14 January) officers discovered the body of a man believed to be 55 year old Anthony Lawrence, in a vehicle in a rural location in North Yorkshire.”

Picture from dailymail.co.uk

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