US comedian Aziz Ansari the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual assault

US comedian Aziz Ansari, the creator of the Netflix series “Master of None” and recipient of several awards including two Emmys and a Golden Globe has become the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual assault. The allegations of impropriety were made by a woman he allegedly dated last year. The allegation centres around a sexual encounter in the comedians TriBeCa apartment which the comedian says he believed to be consensual.

Babe magazine published a story with a detailed account of the alleged incident in which the 23-year-old woman involved said she felt “victimized.” She went on to add that it had taken her a long time to “validate this as a sexual assault.” The woman said that she was infuriated at seeing Ansari wearing a pin with the “Times Up” emblem on it at this years Golden Globes. Some of the claims have been questioned by some due to the fact the woman did engage in a consensual encounter with Aziz Ansari.

Already in the last week Hollywood heavyweights James Franco and Michael Douglas have had to rebuke claims of their own misdeeds. This constant back and forth of revelation and denial which began last year with Harvey Weinstein will have many of us asking the same question: Who will be next?

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