Jeremy Corbyn consolidates the far-left’s power within the Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn has consolidated the power of the far-left within the Labour party by nominating hard-left activist group Momentum’s founder Jon Lansman to the NEC (National Executive Committee.) Following the nomination, Jon Lansman hailed it as a “victory for 21st century socialism.” 2 other Momentum members were elected to the NEC by Corbyn, they were Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham.

This is seen as a strengthening of Jeremy Corbyn’s position in the party and dictates the far-left agenda in the party, inevitably isolating moderates. The NEC is Labour’s omnipotent decision making committee and its goals are among others to shape the direction of the party and setting out the rules for leadership contests. This move will see the more extreme socialist wing of the party exert more control over the future of the party, strengthening Jeremy Corbyn’s grip on power and making the socialist dogma which as permeated into the party since his leadership more prevalent.

Since Corbyn’s election as party leader in September 2015 he has gradually added more people to the board of the NEC who hold a more favourable view of his socialist policies and the adding of Momentum members to the 39 member board who campaign on the grassroots for Corbyn’s socialist vision will make the far-lefts grip of power on the party more difficult to challenge for years to come.

Momentum have been accused of undertaking purges of moderate Labour councillors in several London councils including Haringey, with accusations of intimidation and bullying being used as tactics to remove moderate leftists and install more far-left councillors who are sympathetic to the ideology of Corbyn. Comedian Eddy Izzard, who is regarded as holding more centre left views and has said in the past that he wishes to work with different factions of the party was also vying to become a member of the NEC, but he was not elected to the board. This shows the push by the hard line leftists in the party to seize control of all of the party to install their socialist fervour on the party at all costs.

After this latest news of the far-left consolidating power within the once moderately centre leaning Labour party I, as are many others are thinking that maybe a rebranding is needed of the Labour party. The red can stay, but instead of a rose being the emblem of the party possibly a Hammer and Sickle might be more fitting. I don’t know why Comrade Corbyn doesn’t go the whole hog and just rename the party “The Socialist Labour Party.” It certainly wouldn’t leave any people potentially voting for this Marxist band of brothers under any illusion as to what they were voting for.

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