“Hijab attack” in Canada did not happen, according to police

Canadian police investigating the alleged attack on an 11-year-old Muslim girl in which she claimed a man came up to her and tried to cut her Hijab off with a pair of scissors now say the attack did not happen. The alleged attack which was said to have occurred as the girl walked to school in Toronto was initially being treated as a hate crime. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among those who voiced their outrage over the attack which made national news in the country. Speaking to Reuters Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash said “We put together a lot of evidence, we considered the evidence and came to the conclusion that what was described did not happen.”

Canada’s Justin Trudeau tweeted after the incident “My heart goes out to Khawlah Noman following this morning’s cowardly attack on her in Toronto. Canada is an open and welcoming country, and incidents like this cannot be tolerated.” The alleged suspect in the attack was initially described as being an Asian male wearing a black hoodie, black jogging bottoms and black gloves. Mark Pugash, the Toronto police spokesman who confirmed the incident was made up has said he hopes that this event does not put off genuine victims of crimes from coming forward to the police in the future.

This incident which made national and international news has undoubtedly left a lot of people red-faced, including the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau who was quick to condemn the event before knowing the full facts in the case. It is not thought that 11-year-old Khawlah Noman will face any charges over the fabricated story.

Picture from jaruma.net

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