The real reason why the Democrats want to flood the US with immigrants

Immigration has been the hot topic over the last few days in the US. The Democrats and The GOP have been attempting to thrash out a deal over proposed immigration reforms. The negotiations have been dominated over the debate over DACA and have since been railroaded by the mainstream media and the Democrats meltdown over allegations by Tricky Dick Durbin that Donald Trump used crass language to describe some African and Central American nations.

Democrats want an amnesty on DACA to be part of any negotiations, saying they want what they describe as a “clean DACA bill” passed if any leeway is to be given over Trump’s proposals such as the wall. Democrats have long been advocates of mass immigration, many democratically controlled cities often flagrantly contravene federal law in favour of immigrants such as the implementation of the Sanctuary City laws. California, controlled by Governor Jerry Brown (D) is now the first Sanctuary state as of January 1st this year.

Democrats often try to play the part of the party of conscience. Just look at Chuck Schumer’s crocodile tears after Trump’s announcement of the travel ban last year as evidence of this. But what is the real reason the Democrats openly violate federal laws in favour of immigrants and want to open the borders to millions of people from around the 3rd world? Some say votes, and while that is true, the ultimate goal is far more worrying. The aim is to obtain complete control of the country. From a legislative perspective right down to the philosophy the nation is governed by.

The voting dynamic is probably the most obvious reason and the easiest to prove. In the 2000 census, it was found that 31,107,889 people in the US were foreign born. The largest proportion of those foreign born residents of the country were from Latin America and Central America. The total numbers of these people making up the numbers of foreign born citizens were 16,086,974 and 11,203,673 respectively. In 2016 it was found that the number of foreign born citizens from 4 nations made up 34.3 percent of the total number of immigrants in the country.

Mexicans were by far the largest represented in this group, in 2016 there were 11,574,000 living in the US, equal to 26.5 percent of the nations foreign born citizens. The other countries in this list were Guatemala, El Salvador and The Dominican Republic. The total number of residents of these nationalities in the US in 2016 was 936,000 people, 1,387,000 and 1,085,000 respectively. The total number of these foreign born citizens from these 4 nations is roughly 14.4 million people, all of which would be eligible to vote if they are of voting age as they are legal citizens.

In the last recorded figures back in 2010, it was found that the total number of all Latin American citizens in the US was 21,224,087. An increase of 5 million over a 10 year period. The census bureau predicts that by 2050, 25 percent of the US will be Hispanic born and according to the Pew Research Centre, only 46 percent of the nation will be non-Hispanic white by 2065. There is also another interesting dynamic when it comes to immigrants in the US. As of 2010, 25 percent of people from second or third generation families were under the age of 18. By 2060, it is estimated the population of the US will be roughly 417 million.

The African American population is also relevant when proving how the country’s voting intentions will be shaped in future elections going by current trends. Roughly 41 million people in the US are African American. At this point in time, going on voter trends in recent elections where Hillary won 66 percent of the Latino vote, Barack Obama 71 percent before her and both of them and Hillary winning 88 percent of the black vote in the last election, it is easy to see how these groups are developing a solid voting base for the Democrats which will be harder to shift as future demographics change. Adding more immigrants into the mix will only make this near impossible for a Republican to ever be voted into office again. The age factor is also relevant. It was found that in the last election younger people voted in higher numbers for Democrats. Hillary Clinton won 55 percent of the 18-29 year old vote as opposed to Donald Trump’s 37 percent.

The development of an immovable voting base by allowing huge numbers of immigrants into the nation is clear to see from these statistics . But there is another aspect to this which is all the more frightening for me. That is the matter of ideology and the implementation of progressive policies. As progressive politics permeate further into the mainstream of the Democratic party, the use of tools such as identity politics to categorize people by groups according to race, gender and sexual orientation will not just be a 4 year cycle given the voter base the Democrats could acquire under mass immigration. It could conceivably change the philosophy of the nation, even undermining the constitution. The new-leftist way of thinking is dominated by racial politics, group think and less reliance on a free market system.

With the kind of voter base that could be acquired by the waves of immigrants coming into the country, these philosophies could become the accepted doctrine of the nation, imposing a kind of Marxist ideology in the form of continued Democratic governance. Some may accuse me of creating a strawman, but the statistics I have provided and the type of politics espoused by the left today make a reality like this not just conceivable but entirely possible. That is why I say to Americans: Fight mass immigration at every turn, only allow the brightest and the best into you nation and make sure those numbers are manageable, because if you don’t someone, somewhere might be reading this article someday in the future and looking at it as a sombre prophecy of a future many of us do not want to see.

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