Frantic Friday: This is why The Donald is the man!

Donald Trump has shown the people who respect his no-sh*t attitude why he deserves this accolade early on this Friday morning. While we have a mayor here in London who sits back while young men are being murdered at phenomenal rates and the city has now become the acid attack capital of the world. Donald Trump has cancelled his trip to our capital city. Why? Because he didn’t think the embassy deal was a good one for America. But let’s be honest, there are other reasons also.

Why has the United Kingdom, the greatest ally of the United States treated Donald Trump with such contempt? Maybe because he is not afraid to speak it how it is. This last 24 hours should show everybody why Donald Trump is revered in the way he is. According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump apparently engaged in an outburst saying “Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?” Well, maybe he has a point. If the continent of Europe asked this question at the height of the migrant crisis, maybe we might not be suffering from epidemic levels of “taharrush jamai” or translated into English, group gang rape as is happening across the continent at this very point in time, turning Sweden into the nation as second in the charts in the world when it comes to the number of rapes. Or maybe if Europe had of asked this question, Germany might not be seeing a 10 percent rise in crime solely attributed to migrants in the last year.

Lets face it, Donald Trump, maybe not the most eloquent of men but a ballsy leader speaks the truth. That’s why he doesn’t receive the love from the mainstream media, or other nation states for that fact in the same regards as say, Barack Obama, the man who excused Iran and Hezbollah during his time in office, but could give a good speech. Donald Trump is a new mould of world leader. He is not someone who will appease or cower, much like some of the new stock of political candidates emanating from Eastern Europe. I think it is sad that politically, our leaders here in Britain do not understand that the population is moving culturally more to the right, as is displayed with Brexit for example, while our politicians try to appease the perceived leftist feeling after the loss of seats by the Conservatives after the 2017 general election.

By this politically correct stance adopted by our “cuckservative” government, we could be potentially alienating our greatest ally. Personally as a Brit, the fact that the president of the US is now rejecting visiting our nation upsets me. But I do have to appreciate this is why The Donald is so respected by his base. Donald Trump doesn’t bow to anybody, and if you want to lead a nation where your people come first, just follow the lesson of this frantic Friday!

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