Donald Trump “to impose new sanctions on Iran”

Donald Trump is expected to impose new sanctions on Iran according to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Tomorrow is the deadline for Trump to decide whether to waive other sanctions that have been placed on the country which were lifted under Barack Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal. European leaders have been meeting with Iran’s foreign minister in Brussels, where they urged Donald Trump to uphold the terms of the agreement which has come in for much criticism from the US president. Donald Trump is believed to want to amend the deal or withdraw from it completely.

Speaking today, treasury secretary Mnuchin said “I am expecting new sanctions on Iran,” he told reporters adding “We continue to look at them. We’ve rolled them out and I think you can expect there will be more sanctions coming.” Iran has been facing its own internal turmoil over recent weeks after a wave of anti-government protests have rocked the Shia regime. Donald Trump has bucked the trend of world leaders in coming to the support of protestors, sending many tweets supporting them. It is believed that if Donald Trump waives the sanctions on Iran as part of Obama’s nuclear deal, the proposed sanctions would include targeted measures against businesses and Iranian citizens.

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