Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein slapped at Arizona restaurant

Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been slapped by a fellow patron at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. The producer who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct and rape was approached by two men while he was in the middle of his meal. The two men asked him for a photo and when he declined, the men began to confront the producer over his treatment of women. One of the men filmed the incident while the other man, known only as Steve in the video aimed two slaps at Weinstein, causing him to stagger back. The man can be heard screaming “You piece of sh*t.” Harvey Weinstein who was dining with his “sober coach” at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort is not thought to be contemplating pressing charges against the man. Weinstein has been staying at The Meadows rehabilitation resort in Arizona for “treatment.” House of Cards star and fellow Hollywood figure accused of sexual assault Kevin Spacey is also staying at the $27,000-a-month facility.

The constant circus which is Hollywood never ceases to amaze us. From the vomit inducing hypocrisy of the Golden Globes to the seemingly endless accusations of sexual misconduct and assault, Hollywood doesn’t seem to be able shake the PR disaster they are facing. People such as Harvey Weinstein have been accused of destroying the lives of the desperate, the impressionable, the ambitious and the vulnerable over the course of decades. This exceedingly wealthy man used to be the showpiece of many Tinsel Town award ceremonies with his fellow members of the Hollywood glitterati. Now it seems he cannot even go to a restaurant in Scottsdale without becoming the subject of abuse and ridicule. I would never do such a thing as excuse or condone violence, but many will be thinking that Harvey Weinstein getting slapped at this restaurant is only him receiving his just deserts.

Picture from cinemagotrailers.co.uk


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