According to left-wing logic the George Cross is now racist

I was watching Newsnight tonight when a section came on about a survey that had been conducted on Canvey Island, Essex seeing how well the politicians knew the electorate. The survey conducted by Demos aimed to take quotes instead of getting participants to tick boxes and urged the respondents not to be “politically correct.” The focus of the survey seemed to be trying to gather the opinions of older, white people. Topics such as how society has changed such as respect towards authority and immigration were covered in the piece. When the piece finished a panel came on to discuss the findings as is usual on a topical programme such as Newsnight. One of these people on the panel was a man named Areeq Chowdhury who is the Chief Executive of the WebRoots democracy think tank. What this man said was so utterly shocking I couldn’t let this go. To use a term I would usually aim towards a social justice warrior. This triggered me something rotten!

The topic of debate moved to political correctness, where this man said that he wished we lived in a politically correct society, he even went onto say that political correctness was equal to freedom of speech. For those of you that have read 1984, Areeq Chowdhury was displaying classic symptoms of “blackwhite.” This is the notion that black is white and vice versa. He then went on to say you cannot say “whatever the f*ck you want,” which had to be bleeped by the BBC. I wish this man had used some of his own shaky values as he just displayed his antithesis for this notion by swearing on a topical debate show on the BBC.

The particular lowlight of this section for me is when one of the quotes were displayed which read “My husbands got a van and its got an English flag and he actually got pulled up the other day by someone asking why do you have an English flag.” The woman from the Demos who conducted the survey said that in their findings that it was clear that many people felt that these symbols relating to patriotism had been branded racist by the political establishment. As the woman was describing the feelings of those surveyed I could see Mr Chowdhury getting very triggered by what she was saying. When asked if the George Cross made him uncomfortable he said that the flag had been made racist by organizations such as the BNP. When one of the other panellists said that schools were brainwashing children that they should not be proud of their country, Mr Chowdhury unleashed a diatribe about the ills and sins of the British Empire.

So its official folks, the George Cross, the symbol of England is now viewed as racist by those on the left. I thought in this article I would just give a short history of the George Cross so I can prove just how wrong this man was. Saint George according to legend, was a Roman soldier of Greek origin and officer in the Guard of Roman emperor Diocletian, who was sentenced to death for failing to recant his Christian faith. (So he wasn’t even English.) The George Cross has been used in England since Medieval times. Originally associated with the Knights Templars, the George Cross began to be used in 1188 to identify English and French troops in the “Kings’ Crusade” of Philip II of France and Henry II of England. Along with the Jerusalem Cross, the symbol began to be used by Crusaders from about 1190. The red on white cross was used by numerous crusaders such as the Germans in the 12th century and was used as an “imperial war flag” by the Holy Roman Empire until it was replaced by the Savoy flag and the present day flags of Denmark and Switzerland.

The origin of the flag becoming a symbol of England can be traced back to 1190, when the flag was adopted by The City of London for their ships so they could benefit from the protection of Genoese fleets who also identified with the flag. When Saint George became the patron saint of England in 1348 with the foundation of the Order of the Garter the Saint George flag was shown in the hoist of Royal Standards of the Plantagenet kings of England up until the 15th century. A combined British flag was created in 1606 combining the George Cross and the Saint Andrews Cross (the flag of Scotland.) This flag was only for maritime display, but when the Acts of Union of 1707 was passed the Union Flag (or Union Jack) became the official flag of the United Kingdom.

In this short history of the flag, I would dare the most rabid leftist to try and find something racist about this flag in its history. Emily Thornberry once sent a tweet during the Rochester and Strood by-election with the words “Image from Rochester” with a picture of a house hanging a George Cross from its window. Emily Thornberry was clearly mocking this person and her tweet was described as “snobby.” This tweet was sent during the 2014 World Cup and as is tradition many people hang flags out of their windows to show support for their team. For example one of my neighbours hangs a Algerian flag from his window, while another hangs a Portugal flag from theirs. Emily Thornberry was forced to resign from then Labour leader Ed Miliband’s front bench, but now finds herself sitting back there with Comrade Corbyn.

Watching this man on Newsnight this evening it became apparent to me how many people on the left have a clear dislike of many of the things England stand for. When I hear people talk about cultural Marxism and the way it looks to tear down western civilization seeing displays of utter loathing for the traditions of this country, I now see where they are coming from. There is a Marxist way of thinking that has permeated the left in recent years that shows an utter distain for the very history our nations are built upon. I say to those people who wish to hang a George Cross from their window do it now more than ever. Fight these cultural Marxists wherever you find them and don’t allow their attempts at smears and insults perturb you. This is just another part of their plan.

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