The Democrats attempting to subvert democracy

Ever since the election of Donald J Trump as the 45th president on that memorable November day back in 2016, a chorus of cries for his impeachment seem to have been emanating from the Democrats ever since. The epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome has not just been evident in the most crazy feminist activist or social justice warrior, it has also permeated into the political discussion of the opposition party of the country. In this article I thought I would list the Democrats who seem to be betraying the Democracy they stand for and are calling for the impeachment of a president that you the people democratically elected.


Tom Steyer is a billionaire hedge fund manager, environmentalist, advocate for progressive policies and Democrat donor. Back in October Tom Steyer spent around $10 million on a television ad campaign calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. In the ads Steyer describes himself as an “American citizen” who says that Trump has brought us to “the brink of nuclear war, obstructed the FBI, in direct violation of the constitution and has taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth.” It was reported in Reuters today that Tom Steyer would spend $30 million trying to get members of his party elected in the upcoming midterms this fall.


Alexander Green is a lawyer and Democratic member of the US House of Representatives serving Texas’ 9th district. Back in May of last year, Al Green called for Donald Trump’s impeachment on the house floor. In the speech Al Green said  “No one is above the law and that includes the President of the United States of America.” This call by Al Green was made in response to fire FBI director James Comey. He went onto say that the offence (of obstruction of justice) has occurred before our very eyes and that he wasn’t doing this for political gain but for justice and liberty. Sorry if I don’t believe you Al, but do you really expect us to believe that this call for 45’s impeachment would not benefit you and your team politically. If you do believe that, you obviously don’t give the people very much credit!


The gang of six, which included Al Green consists of 6 Democrats who announced they would be filing multiple articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. The gang of six included Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee, who led the move. Also included were Judiciary Committee Democrat Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois, Representative Adriano Espaillat of New York, Representatives Marcia Fudge of Ohio and John Yarmuth of Kentucky and Al Green. The reasons the gang of six stated for undertaking this move was due to the “great concern we have for our country, our constitution and our national security and our democracy,” saying the believed Donald Trump violated the constitution. 5 articles of impeachment were filed, included in the reasons for this call was obstruction of justice and undermining the freedom of the press. (Why, because Donald Trump hurt Jim Acosta’s feelings?!) Steve Cohen called on the Judiciary Committee to begin hearings into Trump’s potential impeachment but admitted this was unlikely as the Republicans controlled the House.


Arguably the most unhinged Democrat making calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump is Maxine Moore Waters. Maxine Waters currently serves as the US Representative for California’s 43rd district and has served in Congress since 1991. The screams of “Impeach 45” from this truly disturbed woman is enough to make you want to stick a knitting needle through your ears until beautiful silence consumes you. Back in October, Maxine Waters made a remark about “Taking Trump out.” After accusations that she was calling for violence against the President, she insisted that she was only talking about collusion. Maxine Waters attempted to play the oh so innocent victim when she spoke to fake news CNN’s Chris Cuomo, saying “That’s absolutely ridiculous … that a 79-year-old grandmother who is a congresswoman and who has been in Congress and politics all these years doing any harm.” Maxine Waters is the most boisterous and frankly deranged when it comes to calls for Trump’s impeachment. For people who are saying that Trump is mentally unfit to hold office I wonder why these same people are not looking at someone like Maxine Waters and very quickly calling the men in white jackets to come and institutionalize this very sick woman.

This is the list I have compiled of the most deranged and over-zealous Democrats calling for the impeachment of Trump. Even though I have approached this topic with some jest, there is a serious component in this story. The fact that the Democrats have been calling so rabidly for the impeachment of the Democratically elected president of the US is troubling. In essence the Democrats should forfeit their name because their antipathy for Democracy does not qualify them to ever describe themselves as having any interest in the democratic process.

I understand if you are left-wing or liberal you can be opposed to Donald Trump’s policies. This is part of the democratic process. It is actually quite shameful that I would have to spell this out for Democrats but in America’s electoral system, a president is elected and he has a 4-year term to serve. The job of the party who lost in the previous election is to establish good policies and a good candidate to challenge for power under the democratic frame work in the next election cycle. You cannot simply call for the removal of a president if you don’t like him.

When the story of Russia first came about, which to the best of my recollection was straight after Trump’s election, many of us said “Alright, we don’t know the facts, lets see where this goes.” As the months drew on and more evidence came to light, many of us, well me anyway, began to see that Russia was just another cog in the wheel of the plan to remove this democratically elected president. Revelations such as the Fusion GPS dossier being funded by Hillary Clinton for example dispelled any doubt in my mind that Russia is no more than a fabrication being orchestrated by the elites, the Democratic establishment and members of the press corporation in order to remove a president who threatens the global order the elites have been building since WW2. Just look at Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and the reaction that got if you want to see evidence of this.

So in concluding this article I cannot come to any other conclusion other than the Democrats by plotting the removal of the democratically elected president of the United States have betrayed the values of democracy they claim to stand for. Even though on some policy positions I agree strongly with Donald Trump, that doesn’t mean he is above reproach or criticism. If there is a policy position he adopts that might not fit my narrative it is my right as citizen in a free democracy to criticise that. It is not my right however to call for his removal and attempt to build a public circus to poison the political discourse to the point of toxicity. I have been following the Trump presidency with intense interest and scrutiny for months now and I have seen absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing by this president. So I have to state with a sombre undertone, and I am by no means being melodramatic when I say this. If Donald J Trump, the democratically elected 45th president of the US is impeached, democracy will be dead.

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