Never mind a southern border wall. Americans might need one in the north with Trudeau

Justin Trudeau, the ultra liberal “feminist” Prime Minister of Canada has caused furore with some of his comments when it comes to the issue of returning ISIS fighters. Justin Trudeau has amazingly demanded that returning ISIS fighters should be referred to as “returning Islamic travellers” and that they should be helped to “reintegrate back into Canadian society.” The “progressive” policies that Trudeau endorses along with the utter mind-blowing displays of political correctness make Canada look set to become a hub for extremists and terrorists to thrive under.

It has been estimated that 180 people with some connection to Canada have travelled to the battlegrounds of the Middle East to take up arms with ISIS. It is believed that around 60 of these fighters have returned to Canada. Canada has seen some small scale incidents which are believed to have inspired by ISIS in the past. On October 20th 2014, Martin Couture-Rouleau drove a car into Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in the car park of a shopping mall in Quebec, killing him and injuring another soldier in the process. Two days later on October 22nd  Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at Ottawa’s War Memorial. In their publication “Dabiq” ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Trudeau government has also adopted a lax attitude to immigration. When Donald Trump proposed his travel ban, Trudeau jumped on the bandwagon of indignation being directed towards Trump and said that Canada’s door was open to refugees. Mr Trudeau wrote on Twitter “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith.” He then went on to add “Diversity is our strength.” When Trudeau took office back in 2015, he made it a priority to accelerate the number of Syrian refugees being allowed into Canada. It is believed that from 2015, Canada has allowed in 39,671 refugees into the country. These figures only covered until January 2017, so the figure now could actually be a lot higher.

What I see with Canada is the potential for a situation to arise similar to what we are seeing here in Europe. Unfettered and unregulated immigration has been absolutely disastrous for Europe. Crime has drastically risen in countries such as Sweden, which now holds the dubious trophy of having the worlds second highest rape rate after Lesotho in Southern Africa. Germany has recently reported that migrants are solely responsible for a 10 percent rise in crime in the country and as many have seen on their TV screens, Europe has been hit by a wave of Islamic terror attacks.

Canada’s embrace of multiculturalism has also seen the same problems arise in the already established Islamic community in Canada in recent years. In Canada, like here in Britain, extremist figures, organizations and funding has entered the country since the 1980’s, establishing bases such as mosques where extremism is preached and businesses masquerading as charities to fund extremist and terrorist activity. Four charities have had their status revoked for funding terrorism. These include the World Islamic Call Society of London, Ontario, in 2011, which was involved with Col Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan Jihad Fund. Canada has foiled a number of high profile attacks in the last 10-15 years. These attacks include a plot to detonate truck bombs in Toronto back in 2006.

I can unfortunately see that the great country of Canada with Trudeau at the helm could be descending down this slippery slope of excusal and apology which allows terrorists and fundamentalists to thrive unchallenged. Trudeau’s handling of returning ISIS fighters with such kid gloves displays a terrible message. Regardless of what many on the left believe the primary reason Islamists commit these sort of attacks is not because they had a tough life or they are excluded from society, on the contrary many are found to be highly educated or in well paid jobs. The reason they attack us is because their ideology instructs them to do so. I always tell blind leftists to read “Dabiq. Why we hate you and why we fight you” if they are looking for a reason as to why they do these things. The message Trudeau sends out to these fanatics is that Canada is a soft touch and because of liberal values it will be even less likely they will be investigated for their beliefs because of Trudeau’s need to be tolerant.

Terrorism thrives underground. The difficulty of political correctness surrounding this issue can have devastating and deadly effects. Rotherham should always serve as a warning to people what can happen when the fear of being intolerant prevents you from challenging problems in other communities. Trudeau is seemingly going down a suicidal path which could allow Canada, like Europe to become a safe-space in liberal terminology for extremists, bigots and terrorists. Trudeau’s inability to chastise even ISIS fighters should be deeply alarming to Canadians. But not only to Canadians, Americans as well. If terrorists are given safe haven in Canada what is to stop them crossing the border into the US to conduct attacks? Many people in the US are talking about the southern wall, but with a man as woefully ignorant to the threat of Islamic terrorism such as Justin Trudeau as the Prime Minister of this remarkable nation. I might be thinking about border security in the north also.

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