The far-left purge of Toby Young

I heard of a story a few days ago that was doing the rounds on the BBC and Sky News. This story involved a man named Toby Young, a conservative journalist who had recently been hired by the Conservative government to sit on the board of the Office for Students, a new government watchdog monitoring higher education which is due to open in April.  The move to appoint Toby Young to this position has been met with consternation by members of the left-wing establishment. The reason that has been given by these predominantly left-leaning critics for their objection to this move is a number of social media posts that were written by Toby Young.

The tweets which were written by Toby Young included a handful of social media posts which date back to 2009. In these tweets it is claimed by his critics that he is opposed to “gender equality and LGBT rights.” Toby Young has since apologized for the tweets, saying that he regretted his “politically incorrect” remarks. The Labour government has led the calls for Theresa May to reconsider this appointment. Dawn Butler, shadow minister for women and equality said, “If Theresa May doesn’t rethink this appointment, the message she is sending to students is that under the Tories, misogyny and homophobia will not just be tolerated, but rewarded.” Is this whole furore really about some tweets, or is it about something else?

It has long been known that the left control the higher educational system in the UK. An article from the Telegraph published in March last year said that a report by the Adam Smith Institute stated that the number of left-wing academics in the university arena have been steadily on the rise since the 1960’s. The report estimated that 8 out of 10 university lecturers are believed to be left-wing. This regulatory body, the Ofs has mentioned that one of its stated aims is to prevent the curtailing of freedom of speech that is occurring on campuses today and to tackle the controversial policy of “de-platforming.” Academic institutions that do not adhere to these new guidelines could face monetary and legal penalties. It strikes me that this whole saga about Toby Young is not so much about the content of his tweets, it is more an attempt by the far-left ideologues who inhabit the educational institution and the Labour party to try to keep control of the education monopoly. Toby Young is now the target of a purge by the far-left.

Lets face it, this is not the first purge we have seen since Comrade Corbyn has seized control of the Labour party. Back in November, Momentum, the far-left “grassroots campaign” group managed to seize control of Haringey council in North London after ousting moderate Labour councillors and replacing them with left-wingers who are more sympathetic to Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist/collectivist agenda. The purge of moderates has allowed them to have a controlling majority of the council after this May’s local elections and the council leader Claire Kober looks set to face a leadership election. It is believed that Momentum members have been trying to unseat moderates across London in several boroughs, including in Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Newham and Ealing.

If this whole attempt by Labour to remove Toby Young is really about insensitive or inflammatory tweets I would like to kindly remind them of Naz Shah. Naz Shah, the Labour MP for the constituency of Bradford West has sent many inflammatory and downright disgusting tweets during her time. Naz Shah has sent tweets in which she has compared Israel to the Nazis, that Israel’s population should be transported out of the Middle East to the US, that Hamas is a legitimate resistance movement (a sentiment Comrade Corbyn probably agrees with) and has even retweeted a tweet which said that the abused girls in Rotherham should “shut their mouths for the good of diversity.” Naz Shah was suspended by the party for the tweets about Israel, but no further action was taken against her and she is still a sitting member of parliament. So, to those virtue signalling members of the Labour party, lets not be coy and pretend this has anything to do with tweets.

This attempt to remove Toby Young from his position on the Office for Students Board shows a trend of the far-left, governed by Corbyn resorting to underhanded and nefarious tactics in order to gain political control. I believe that the current Conservative establishment are woefully unaware of the impending far-left threat this country faces. There is a concerted effort by those on the far-left to seize control of institutions in order to gain power. A lot of people seem to be blissfully unaware, or are swayed by Jeremy Corbyn’s act of “compassion,” but what I see of this far-left movement frightens me to the core. I see in Jeremy Corbyn and this far-left movement behind him totalitarians in waiting. The far-left’s antipathy to free speech, freedom of ownership and the bullying tactics they use should ring alarm bells to anyone with the slightest knowledge of our recent history. The tactics being undertaken by this band of merry men are tactics we have seen repeated in communist dictatorships across the world. Thankfully they do not have the power to implement their dystopian socialist dream at the moment. But if the Conservatives, or any other party for that matter, whether truly liberal or centrist do not pull their fingers out, we might just see their dystopia first hand.

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