1 thing Buzzfeed can do to not ruin 2018: Stop being racist

Buzzfeed is one of those lowest common denominator social justice warrior “publications” and I use the term publication loosely. I thought maybe the far-left social justice types might have learned from the election of Trump that America as is the rest of the western world sick to their back teeth of racial identity politics, but no I was wrong. The other day I saw an article that was published on this low-rent gossip column entitled “37 things white people need to stop ruining in 2018.” This piece of garbage was written by a woman named Patrice Peck who is described as a member of Buzzfeed staff.

The article which had no literary content at all consisted of a series of tweets and screenshots listing the things that white people needed to stop ruining. Included in this list was Hip Hop, which included a tweet from Nicki Minaj protesting about the fact that 8 out of the top ten rappers in the charts at the particular time the tweet was sent were white. The other things on the list was the National Anthem, makeup, sneaker culture and last but not least America. In the caption associated with the America entry on the list it showed the ethnic makeup of the people that voted for Donald Trump.

Buzzfeed is notorious for this kind of clickbait, pandering to the most extreme form of left-wing bigotry and social justice sociopathy. All you have to do is type in “Buzzfeed white people” on YouTube and you will see numerous videos displaying everything from “24 Questions Black People Have For White People” and “If White People Were Described Like People Of Colour.” Now this last video interested me, because I thought to myself “hmm, what if I flip this on its head and I applied some of these examples in Buzzfeed’s article to other races?” I wonder what the reaction would be then.

What if I said that black people were ruining America? I’m sure I would be equated to one of the 20th centuries worst tyrants and called a racist. AS I SHOULD BE! Or for example in one of the entries on the list was “Our National Anthem.” Which they said was the song Bodak Yellow by Cardi B. In the video that was listed under the heading, it displayed white Victoria’s Secret models singing the song backstage at an event. Imagine if I put up a song with some Mexican’s singing “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones and I insinuated that because of their race and their dialect that they ruined the song. I think that would go down like a lead balloon and I would be called “RAYCIST.” Just to mention, AS I SHOULD BE!

Another one of the “issues” that Buzzfeed likes to tackle is that oh so marvellous concept of “white privilege.” White Privilege is defined by Wikipedia as “the societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in some countries beyond what is experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. Academic perspectives such as critical race theory and whiteness studies use the concept of “white privilege” to analyse how racism and racialized societies affect the lives of white or white-skinned people.” Now lets tackle this issue of white privilege.

It is true that western societies have been established by people of Caucasian origin. Whether it be the modern day United States, Britain or other European nations. And it is true that western societies have engaged in practices such as colonialism and slavery in their past, which has placed people of colour at a disadvantage. For example, after the emancipation of the slaves in the United States they did not share the same rights as white people. In that sense, white privilege was a real thing. But there have been changes through societies over the course of the centuries since these events have taken place, most notably the civil rights struggle in America and numerous equality laws which have been passed in a country such as Britain.

The figures and statistics in a nation such as modern day America do not back up this claim of a systematic favouring of white people. The best performing group by race in America when it came to median household income was Asians. The median household income for Asians in America in 2015 was $74,245, while for whites, who came second it was listed as $59,698. By ancestry, the highest earning group of people in America were Indian Americans, who earned an average of $107,390. The last time I checked, Indians were not white. In a system where white privilege still prevailed, I would of thought that someone with white European ancestry would be at the top of this list. The others in the list were Jewish Americans, who came second and Taiwanese and Filipino Americans who were third and fourth respectively. The only person you could describe as ethnically white with the exception of maybe Jewish Americans was the fifth highest scoring on the list which were Australian Americans.

Poverty is often cited as evidence of white privilege. It is true that in America black people do suffer from poverty more than any other group by percentage. According to a report released in 2011 by the Census Bureau, it said that although black people only made up 13.8 percent of the American populous, they accounted for 27 percent of poverty in the United States. It also found that the white poverty rate did run lower by percentage, but white Americans still made up 42 percent of America’s poor. The majority of people who live in extreme poverty, approximately 20 million Americans are made up of a majority of white and black with comparable levels for poverty overall. 42 percent of whites lived in extreme poverty, while 27 percent of blacks did. Blacks do suffer from poverty more than any other group, that is factually indisputable, but many whites also suffer from dire poverty as well. I hear it claimed by those on the far-left that a poor white man on the street has more privilege than a rich black man. The white privilege that these poor whites are supposed to have has left them in the same boat as their black counterparts. They are just poor.

Mortality rates is a striking statistic that can be quoted to dispel this far-left myth of white privilege. Research by the University of New Hampshire found that more white people were dying than were being born in a third of American states. While Latinos, Blacks and Asians were having more children, the white birth rate continued to decline. Along with this many rural white communities have been ravaged by the effects of the opioid epidemic, which has seen white middle aged Americans dying at a faster rate than any other racial group. In rural areas it was found that while whites were dying at a faster rate, death rates for black and Hispanic men have fallen.

So this takes me onto the third point I would like to cover when tackling the rhetoric of these race baiting sites such as Buzzfeed. It is often claimed that you cannot be racist to white people. I know this is a talking point that many people who like to counter this argument use but I thought I’d do it anyway and provide a Wikipedia definition of racism. According to Wikipedia “Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.” Does that ring any bells Buzzfeed? Prejudice? Like prejudging people based on the uncontrollable aspect of their skin colour. I thought that is the thought of thing white supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s did. Like saying “White people can’t dance.” That’s prejudging someone based on their racial characteristics isn’t it?

Then there is the other argument I hear. That you cannot be racist to white people because other races do not hold any institutional power in western nations. While there is some credence to this, other races are represented at a government level in the United States for example. There are currently three incumbent African-American senators. Cory Booker (D) of New Jersey, Kamala Harris (D) of California and Tim Scott (R) of Arizona. While I am in complete agreement that proportional representation has not yet been achieved in this field, where black people make up roughly 13.8 percent of Americas population and are only 3 percent represented in the Senate, being a Senator does represent a level of institutional power. In the House of Representatives there are also 48 black incumbents in the House of Representatives. While again I have to acknowledge that proportional representation has not been achieved in this field as there are 435 voting representatives in the in the House, it does show that institutional power is not strictly a white enterprise in a changing America. Not to mention that America did have a black president for the last 8 years.

A final example I can show which will utterly shatter this argument is the case of the girls that were being abused in Rotherham by gangs of Pakistani Muslim men in England during the course of the 90’s and 2000’s. In this case, white girls as young as 11 were being targeted by these gangs and systematically raped, tortured and trafficked for sex to other British towns. The authorities including the police and social services knew about this for years, but because of a fear of being called “racist” the institutions designed to protect these girls ignored the abuse and it carried on unhindered for years. If that is not a case of institutional racism, then I don’t know what is.

So, what can we draw from these facts I have outlined to you? The biggest lesson that can be learned from this is that the more the conversation is racialized by left-wing fanatics such as Buzzfeed, the more racially conscious society will become. As black people identify with groups such as Black Lives Matter, more white people will feel driven to identify by their race. This helps nobody in the quest for racial and societal cohesion, a point that was eloquently made by Tucker Carlson on his show last night. If you can imagine a scenario where there is a white man or woman in the middle of the country in small town USA or working class Britain where their community has been ravaged by a drug epidemic and the loss of industry has created poverty on a huge scale, if he is being told that he is privileged while he or she struggles to feed their family, a huge persecution complex can be developed from that. Especially if you read facts such as the ones I have presented to in this article, you will begin to feel like you have no other choice but to feel aggrieved and look to protect your own interests along racial lines as many other groups are choosing to do.

Many on the left claim that the people who voted for Donald Trump are ruining America. I would put it to the left that maybe they are the ones who are ruining America. The more the left keep plying these identity laden narratives revolving around race down people’s throat, how is any chance of reconciliation possible? I mean lets face it, an article entitled “37 things white people need to stop ruining in 2018” is hardly the holding out of an olive branch now is it. I don’t think it is a lot Trump voters who need to look in the mirror, many of which I have spoken to and find to be genuinely great people who just wanted a better chance. I think it is you on the left such as Buzzfeed and the sycophants who follow this social justice ideology that need to examine yourselves and ask what your own issues involving race are. So Buzzfeed, one thing you could do in 2018 to stop ruining America is stop with the divisive racial politics, because the more you espouse these lines about white people, you start to sound like the racists you claim to hate more and more by the day.

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